The Return of the Christmas Bundle

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20% off when you buy all four Christmas patterns. Start sewing now because you have only how many days left??!

Christmas 2013 Bundle

Offer valid until the end of July.

’twas the night panel quilt

Only 194 days until Christmas!

Are you ready?

Or are you totally freaking out?

Need a quilt but don’t have the time to piece or applique because school is out next week and the kids will be running amok in 3… 2… 1… ?

Enter the ’twas the night panel. All the awesomeness without all the applique. Order the panel. Add some borders. Quilt. Bind. And you’re done.

'twas the night panel quilt project

Panel is available here.

Pattern sheet is available here.

Feeling cool and confident that you can get your Christmas sewing done early this year? The paper and PDF patterns of the original quilt are still available!

2014-06-12 16.42.16-2

Merry Christmas!

2014-06-12 16.33.04-1

* disclaimer: I didn’t quilt mine. I hate putting out an unfinished quilt but a dislocated shoulder and a couple months of PT and it still hurts. That’s my excuse. ;)

Something New … Fabric

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fabrics_2014-04-04 15.11.01

That is the Stack of Happy.

As are these. They multiplied.


What are they exactly?

Running a quilting business involves a great deal of staring at a computer screen, and I needed a new adventure.

I figured if I can self-publish a book, I can self-publish fabric right?

So I did. And now it’s available through Spoonflower.

Five prints in two colorways, sunny and cloudy, and are inspired by the quilts in the book, Color Continuum — no. 01 Monochromatic.


l to r: quill, cumulus, oriel, drizzle and cog


l to r: cumulus, quill, oriel, drizzle and cog

Which when sliced into some smaller pieces and made into a pillow (pattern is based on my Another Brick in the Wall design), looks quite stunning. I whipped up a two sided pillow, cloudy on one side and sunny on the other (you can see a bit of sunny peeking through on the back in the picture below). It is bound in an aqua color which is shared by both colorways.

2014-05-02 11.49.38 HDR 2014-05-02 11.50.59 HDR 2014-05-02 11.50.33 HDR IMG_1962

All coordinate with each other and a wide range of Kona Solids.



The Color Continuum — Monochromatic fabrics are available through Spoonflower.

introducing: Color Continuum — no. 01 Monochromatic

color continuum -- no. 01 monochromatic

cog from color continuum — no. 01 monochromatic

Color Continuum — no. 01 Monochromatic, a new book with five modern monochromatic quilt projects is finally here!

In quilts, as in life, few things are more important than color. Color evokes a mood, color sets a contrast, color is the spark that can make the everyday — extraordinary. Color Continuum is an exploration of how different approaches to creating a unique palette for a quilt can imbue it with emotion or suggest anything from an everyday scene to a classic painting.

Available on Amazon now and in the Carolina Patchworks store with signed copies scheduled to begin shipping around May 13th.

It will also be available on all the international Amazon sites but can take a while to show up on all of them. It does appear to already be on


all five projects from color continuum — no. 01 monochromatic

In no 1. monochromatic, choose between five modern, geometric patterns which can each take a single central hue and build a rich story using subtle shades and bold shapes. Whether you’re trying to coordinate with an existing color scheme or capture a particular atmosphere, the purity of a monochromatic approach can produce surprisingly lush results. These designs, inspired by elements of everyday life, each feature full-color illustrations, full-sized templates, and detailed step-by-step instructions.


all five projects from color continuum — no. 01 monochromatic

Give it a try, and brighten your day — with a single color.


oriel from color continuum — no. 01 monochromatic

Angela Walters did the quilting on all five quilts. Amazing work once again!


cog from color continuum — no. 01 monochromatic


cumulus from color continuum — no. 01 monochromatic

If you’re an Instagram follower, you’ve seen random mentions of the Stack of Happy. More about that tomorrow. A preview is below and if you poke around the new blog design, you can find out even more.

fabrics_2014-04-04 15.11.01

One more teaser… notice that it’s no. 01? Vague, random Instagram pictures start again next week because I wouldn’t have put the no. 01 in there if there weren’t a no. 02.

But for now, we’ll enjoy another wonderful release that is totally me.


cumulus from color continuum — no. 01 monochromatic


quill from color continuum — no. 01 monochromatic


drizzle from color continuum — no. 01 monochromatic


oriel from color continuum — no. 01 monochromatic


cumulus from color continuum — no. 01 monochromatic
with angela’s mr. grumpy cloud

Housekeeping: Comments now close automatically

Working on some big blog upgrades today. None of those will go live until the new release is release (next week? next next week?) but in the meantime, some changes have gone live now, most notably, comments now close automatically after 60 days. It’s mostly due to the spam attacks but I get a lot of people asking me for support with their sewing machines (I haven’t used that one in 5-some years at least) and bringing up topics that don’t need bringing up.

So if you need to nag me, feel free to email me (it’s over there on the right. The new update has a little mail button.) or post to whatever the most recent post is.

The new stuff is close. Really close.


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