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Ack! She needs a pair of pants!

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It will be in the low 60s tomorrow morning when Maeve goes to school. Not quite warm enough for shorts but she has no cheap-enough-for-preschool pants. Most parents would just go to Old Navy or Target and pick something up. I have to make everything more difficult of course. And didn’t remember she had no pants until after dinner tonight.

Sean had rejected a couple of knit shirts that I had bought him and I never got around to returning them. They were sitting on the floor of my room because as a sew-er, I couldn’t throw away what was essentially good fabric. Any guesses what I did? Well, I didn’t have a pants pattern, so I pretty much made her a really long pair of shorts.


So Maeve now has a pair of pants made out of a Hanes Mens T-Shirt. At least I sewed some ribbon on the sides to make them look slightly girly. And the best part? The ribbon matches her uniform t-shirt. Excellent.



Or maybe I should have gone to Target this weekend.

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