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My Christmas To-Do List

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‘Tis the season for sewing gifts!

My to-do list:

– quilt — partially pieced

– 3 coordinating purses — fabric purchased and washed

– patchwork scarf — done!!

– felt doughnuts, cupcakes, cookies, tea bags, cakes and petit fours for Maeve’s stocking — still just an idea in my head

– Alien quilt for Maeve and Liam — I have 16 of 20 blocks done

Close Your Clothes fabric book — I bought and washed the fabric, have the printable fabric sheets and clothes from Goodwill. Now to just assemble it all.

– Ribbon ball for Liam

– Various things for Sean but since he reads my blog they won’t be going on this list. 😉

– Something for someone in a gift exchange. I wonder who the lucky person will be!

How many days until Christmas? I better get sewing.

3 thoughts on “My Christmas To-Do List”

  1. scier says:

    It’s okay, you can say. I won’t read. Really. Promiseish.

  2. Allison says:

    Emily, have you looked at my friend’s blog, Forty-Two Roads? She’s all crafty and Etsy-fied too. She did one of those Close your Clothes books and it looks so cool! I wish I had *any* of your skill. Talent would be bonus. You must share when you are finished!

  3. Allison says:

    All right, I’m an idiot. I just clicked on the link and realized the link for the Close your Clothes book is my friend’s blog. Sheesh.

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