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The beautiful and natural world that surrounds us

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Breathe in that fresh air, read a good book, eat good food and enjoy nature.

One person will understand what this is, roll their eyes at me, sigh, and then try to figure it out. And to that person, I apologize. 😉 Again.

2 thoughts on “The beautiful and natural world that surrounds us”

  1. scier says:

    Nature? Nah, I think I’ll just enjoy my chocolate-covered apple instead. Which was much more difficult to find than one might have expected. Worth it, though.

  2. scier says:

    By the way, as this message was delivered to myself via blogogram, I feel my Top Geek badge is being directly challenged. Of course you realize, this means war. Don’t be surprised if you find one of these in your stocking — or, for that matter, if I merely cache your presents and give you an envelope containing lat/long coordinates. The list is endless, so just remember: you’ve brought this upon yourself. Muhuahahaha…

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