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The things you can create with Mens’ Triple XL pants

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We have a silly little tradition of matching family PJs on Christmas morning. In previous years we’ve gone with Gymboree but they look exactly the same year after year. We needed something different this year.

Being a Hanna (Andersson) addict, I naturally turned to them. The boys were going to wear blue snowflakes and the girls got pink snowflakes. So I ordered them, tried them on and promptly returned them. I’m ok with the kids looking like little snausages, but Sean and I? Uh, no thanks.

Old Navy had a cute pair of snowman PJ pants but I guess they don’t do the cutesy family matching since they didn’t sell coordinating pairs for the kiddos. So I decided to make some myself! I ordered us all white tops, 2 pairs of pants for Sean and I and the largest size ON carries, Triple-XL.

Through the magic of scissors and a sewing machine we went from pants to this …

to this …

Christmas is saved! We can all match!

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