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C-9 Jane’s Tears

So I’ll preface this with stating that I hate hand sewing (so this quilt will be quite the challenge for me!).

So I did my reverse applique with a small zig zag to see if it would work or if I really do, gulp, have to sit there with a needle and thread.  Most (all?) quilters could hand sew this and it would look much, much better.  But honestly, I’m not sure my hand sewing would look better than the machine’s attempt.

I might come back and redo this one.  I’m not sure.  Any opinions?

2 thoughts on “C-9 Jane’s Tears”

  1. Anina says:

    I think it’s fine. Maybe if you matched the thread to the fabric the stitches will be less noticeable. Or, does your machine have a blind hem stitch? I’ve done lots of applique using that and monofilament thread.

  2. Nevis says:

    I don’t mind it at all!

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