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The NCTriangle Street team asked for pictures and some words (that I still need to write!) about where I sew my quilts. If they had seen my room on the day they asked the question they would have retracted quickly since it was a disaster area. It’s clean now but with two little kids it won’t be for long.

This is our bonus room. Starting at the left: my desk, easel and painting supplies, fabric storage bookshelf with embroidery thread, quilting machine and serger on top, comfy chair, kids Lego table and bookshelf with their toys and a TV. I have a curtain rod with rings hanging above the bookshelf. I change the quilt out whenever something sells or I want something fresh up there.

The other side of the room. In the dormer on the left I store my 40 yard rolls of batting (which is almost gone… again!), then my sewing table, ironing board, bookshelves and then back to my desk. Above the ironing board is my typesetting tray with my various threads for piecing and binding.

A close up of my sewing table. I have a large cutting mat with an insane amount of rulers. A small basket of tools and notions plus some small drawers for pins, sewing machine feet, etc. I have a large set of drawers on the other side of the table that stores packing supplies, notions and large quilting thread spools. Since I only use the large quilting machine for quilting, I pull this one off the table and carry the other one over when I need it.

Finished quilts are stored in a closet way high up and out of the reach of small little hands.

2 thoughts on “Where I work”

  1. Nevis says:

    What a wonderful office…!

  2. Paula Murphy says:

    Wonderful space…..I tried to email you, but couldn’t get your email to work, sorry…..I have a question regarding your review of the Pfaff 4.0 Quilt Experssion sewing machine. I’ve owned 2, yes I said two within the last 2 years….Having awful issues with the thread tangling in the bobbin area and not cutting. I read thru your replies from sewers. Any suggestions on this one. Any help would be much appreciated.

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