Deep Fried Twinkies Anyone?

We had to try them.  We had to.

Today we went to the NC State Fair …

… where everything is fried.  EVERYTHING.  There are fried gravy biscuits.  Fried cauliflower.  Fried Bologna.  And at this one place had fried Cheeseburgers, Oreos, PB&J, Mac & Cheese, Pecan Pie, Twinkies, Funnel Cakes, Candy Bars (3 different kinds), potatoes, and onions.

BTW, deep fried Twinkies are really disgusting.  But we really did have to try one.

Maeve’s expression is hilarious here.  It’s a kiddie rollercoaster where she loved the first 2 loops but was terrified by the end.  I’m so proud that she was willing to go on it by herself and sat next to another little girl.

Liam slept.  I have no idea how he fell asleep since it was so incredibly loud here.  Sean and I couldn’t even hear each other talk and we were standing right next to each other.

But he did get to enjoy some of it.

Maeve had a blast.  She wanted to go on every ride there.

And we’re done.  This place is exhausting (and huge!!).

As for quilting, I can’t seem to finish a project.  I have 2 quilts pinned, 2 quilts worth of blocks done and another has fabric cut.  I will actually finish these … eventually.

  1. Jeri’s avatar

    The candy bars sound the most gross to me. :P I’m glad to hear that I’m not missing out with the Twinkies! LOL


  2. Nevis’s avatar

    Lovely photos…!


  3. emily’s avatar

    Sean had a candy bar one. Apparently the chocolate was completely melted so it was more like fried dough with gooey chocolate inside.


  4. Lynn’s avatar

    I followed Quilt Dad’s link to you. You have a terrific blog – so many beautiful quilts to look at. Spectacular work! So did you try the deep fried mac & cheese? It was supposed to be the big new thing this year – but I heard it was “gross”. My fair favorites – chocolate covered frozen banana – it’s a fruit so it’s okay and apple cider at the village of yesteryear.