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Keeping it Real

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Anina’s post and this link and this link got me typing…

I am a real person.  I will never lie here.

But there are things that I don’t really go into…

I will never go into my personal life too much because that’s what it is.  Personal.

I don’t talk too much about or post pictures of Sean because methinks he isn’t too comfortable with that but he is here and I love him to bits. <3

I’ve never mentioned or whined about the finally-diagnosed autoimmune disease that has be wreaking havoc on my body and life for the past 17.5 months (it was triggered by Liam’s pregnancy) and all the doctors that wouldn’t listen to me.

I worry that people judge me and blame me for my kids’ gross motor and speech delays which is why I never say too much about them.  Maeve didn’t walk until 18 months (long before quilting was a daily part of life 😉 ) and has an IEP for speech therapy.  An itinerant teacher also spends time with her in preschool every week.  Liam isn’t walking and last week officially got the label from the county’s Early Intervention services of severely delayed in gross motor and expressive speech and delayed in receptive speech.

I try not to complain about day-to-day mommy issues.  Like the never-ending whining or why won’t he let me give him a bath or why do they have to pull every last toy off the shelves every day?  When I go read my blog, that’s not what I want to read so I don’t post it.

I will never speak of my political or religious views.  ‘Nuff said. Don’t ask.

I will never air dirty laundry or bash people or complain about non-paying buyers or complain (too much) about Etsy’s ineptness.  It just seems to lack in professionalism.

My house is not perfectly clean.  My baseboards have dust in places!  When I look back on my life 50 years from now do I want to remember kids, husband and a love of quilting or kids, husband and clean baseboards?  That answer is pretty clear to me.

I do sew a lot.  And yes, I do have two little kids.  But keep in mind that my kids are little and go to bed early and one still takes long naps.  A lot of people ask how I ‘churn out’ so many quilts.  Honestly, I’m never sure quite how to respond to those messages so I usually don’t.

Friday is my day.  I sew my Jane blocks and rarely respond to any ‘work’ emails/convos on that day.  It’s just how it is.

So if life ever seems perfect based on what is posted here, well, it’s not always perfect, but it’s pretty damn good.  We have our share of problems and difficulties, but we also have these moments:

And with that said, I’m off to take Mr. Liam to physical therapy in hopes of him walking … eventually.

7 thoughts on “Keeping it Real”

  1. John says:

    Well said, Emily!

  2. Debbie says:

    I raised two children with a sewing machine on the dining room table,and at 28 and 26, they still ask me to make them a Halloween costume or copy some pillow they saw in the window at Anthropologie. As my married daughter who now lives/works in NYC said on her last visit home to Oklahoma, “Mom, your fabric stash is growing. Is one of those quilts for me?”
    Kids grow in what they are surrounded by and they love the creativeness of their environment. I love the fact that Maeve wants to make a quilt and that Liam sits and cuddles on yours. What great smiles!
    Sewing is my therapy. It has gotten me through tough times and sad times, but also it helps me finish a day that was perfect. Some people read in bed to relax but I sew before I go to bed.
    You are a wonderful mother. You can read it in your blog and see it in the pictures. Enjoy those little ones! They grow up too fast! Take care of yourself and your family. I just enjoy watching.

  3. Kudoz to you for writing this post! It just shows that you (and all of us) are real people with real life issues besides what we post about. We each have our own issus even though others don’t know about them. I have my own issues but I choose not to broadcast them. In the big scheme of things it is just about us and our families.

    So thanks again for sharing and giving me lots of inspiration!

  4. Nevis says:

    Love the post! 🙂 I think everyone should write as much or little about their personal life as they want. You know? And heck, my house is a mess usually. Which is why most pictures are taken OUTSIDE! ha ha ha! Or in the few rooms that aren’t horridly messy. I don’t have kids just two dogs and it’s just my fiance and I. And we still manage to mess up the house. I have no idea how you do it with two kids and not feeling great. Yikes! **hug** I think you’re great. 🙂

  5. John says:

    Nevis makes a great point. Did you ever notice that all of my pictures are taken outside, too? 🙂

    We took the kids to the state fair tonight. Had a great time. They rode the same dragon coaster as Maeve! I hope to get some pics up soon.

  6. emily says:

    Outside pictures work great… but then there are the weeks that I don’t cut the grass either. 😛 But I did cut it this morning so now I can take all sorts of pictures. Yay!

    Can’t wait to see the fair pics John. 🙂 Eat any fried delights?

    And thanks everyone… 🙂

  7. SW says:

    Well Said Emily–I respect you for it.
    I love knowing more about the woman behind all of the beautiful creations you post here and my heart and support go out to you as a working mom of young kids deciding between cleaning the house or sewing during the coveted naptime. We all do what we can, and if you’re blessed enough to have a supportive family–it’s all good.
    Big hugs to you and yours–you are truly an artist.

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