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Apple Cider

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So if you happen to have a four year old who is obsessed with Curious George you might have seen the episode where George makes apple cider.

So today’s project was making apple cider for Thanksgiving.  I did some searching online and came out of that scared to death that I was going to kill us all with some horrible pathogen if I didn’t clean everything perfectly in a vat of bleach.  Like pathogens were going to spontaniously appear the second I put an apple into the food processor.

Ahhh, nature’s sprinkles.

Then you squeeze it all out.

Maeve decided that we weren’t making apple cider — we were making apple poop (the leftover pulp, skin, etc in the cheesecloth).  Sigh.

A quick trip on the stove to kill any ickiness.

Liam would be totally peeved if he knew I used his beloved bottles for the apple cider.

If you don’t hear from me after Thanksgiving, someone call an ambulance ’cause we might all be sick. 😛

More matching jammie fun.

I haven’t been very motivated lately.  I think my mind is already on vacation.

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  1. Cathy says:

    Looks like fun! Have a great trip!

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