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We had a quiet day here at home.

We started out with some yummy coffeecake muffins…

… to eat while we watched the parade and the kids danced …

(and yes, she’s wearing a dress again!  I tricked her and told her all her pants were packed for the special trip.  Mean mommy.)

… and saw Buzz.  Maeve got all excited when she saw Dora.  She has no clue who Dora is but has seen the face in the stores.  I fear Kindergarten and all the characters it will bring home …

Maeve did a great job setting the table.  Liam did a great job unsetting it.

Liam says, “Feed me now!”

Maeve says, “Yum!”

I made Farrotto with all the normal Thanksgiving flavors.

Sean insisted on cooking some dead thing to feed to himself and the kids.  Hrmm.

The apple cider appears to have not killed us.

And the night concluded with homemade cinnamon chocolate chip ice cream.  Yum.

Hope everyone had a fantabulous day!

One thought on “Thanksgiving”

  1. christi says:

    yummy what a feast! cinnamon choc chip sounds heavenly! i wish Australia had a thanksgiving day!

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