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Dear Santa

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For Christmas I would like a sewing machine that can be powered by a 12 volt/car lighter plug thingy.

Three suitcases, two strollers(double jogger and single umbrella) and 18 million RuMe bags.

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2 thoughts on “Dear Santa”

  1. Sean Cier says:

    I believe “12 volt/car lighter plug thingy” is indeed the correct technical term.

  2. Jessy Roos says:

    Haha, I was just thinking that a few weeks ago, as my husband and I set off on a 39 hour drive from Calgary, Alberta to Burlington, Ontario. We do have a wonderful power converter that plugs into the “12 volt/car lighter plug thingy” so that we can plug in conventional “plug thingys”, but he told me that’s not what it’s for. 🙁 Oh well, maybe someday.

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