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Monday Muddy Monday

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(Sorry for getting the song stuck in anyone’s head. Though I like this version better.)

The wall is making great progress considering all the holidays and rain we’ve had. Today was all about dirt. Lots and lots of dirt. Thirty dumptrucks full of dirt. Yikes.

A shot from yesterday of the lower wall. There are stairs just to the right.

Oh my goodness… what a mess!

Let’s just say it’s a really good thing the contract included sod for the front yard and powerwashing the driveway.

And at 6:09 pm they are still out there working, pitch black and all. Good thing the “bulldozer with wheels like Wall-E!!!!” (according to Maeve) has headlights.

And a random wub… He’s so smart he went over to the open pantry, opened up a box of Goldfish and ate one.

4 thoughts on “Monday Muddy Monday”

  1. Arielle Krohn says:

    I love your son’s t-shirt! Where did you get it?

  2. emily says:

    Target! It’s in the infant/little boys’ section. It runs really small. This is a 4T and most of his other shirts are only 2T.

  3. John says:

    (My) Sean has the same shirt!!

  4. Arielle Krohn says:

    Thanks. I’ll have to see if our nearest Target still carries it. I heart it. Also-your quilts are beautiful. I first discovered your blog when another crafter posted a picture of your gaming quilts (so cool).

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