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Time for the yearly Raleigh freakout!

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This place cracks me up.  According to the news we’re supposed to see a “significant” snowfall tonight/tomorrow.  To me significant is over a foot.  In Raleigh significant is apparently 2 inches.  And one news site here is asking for you to send in pictures of snow flurries if you see them.  Get bread!  Get milk!  We’ll be snowed in for days!

But the good thing about the extended cold snap we’ve had is that we found a great off-season use for the cheapy kiddie pool.

1.  Fill with water.
2.  Freeze.
3.  Take the FP Little People out for a skate.  (Note: if you’re pool is the inflatable type, the LP bounce off the edges.  Excellent!)

I think the little girl in the hula skirt might be a little cold.  But at least the ice cream isn’t melting!

The creek is also frozen.  Maeve had to test it periodically to see if it was ice or water.

And throwing stones in the water was slightly unproductive.  They mostly just skid across the ice.

Ooh and I made quilts this weekend!  I pieced three tops, pinned four and quilted two.  Yippee!  I do think I forgot to sleep.  Hmmm…

3 thoughts on “Time for the yearly Raleigh freakout!”

  1. John says:

    oh, i’ve lived here long enough now to know … even just 2 inches will shut this town down for DAYS. we’re lucky our kids aren’t school-age yet, because they will shut the schools down at the first sight of the white stuff.

    being from ny originally, it really cracks me up.

  2. Christin says:

    When I lived in San Antonio (I’m originally from Northern California) and there was a freeze, they actually shut the whole city down. The main freeway in the city was closed to traffic and you could only use surface streets. I felt like states who actually get “weather” were giggling at San Antonio that day. People in that area just don’t do well when you deviate from hot and miserable.

  3. emily says:

    Days?? For real?? We’ve been here just shy of three years and haven’t had any real snow. We lived in DC forever and they freaked about snow too. I went to school in NH and they never even blinked when a foot fell. HA!

    Maeve is in preschool and they shut down if Wake closes. I need my quiet mornings (bad mommy!).

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