January 25th Progress — Complete!

5655 pieces.

Here’s a breakdown of the block counts:

And the first section assembled.  I really want to keep working on this this week but I really should do shop stuff.

  1. christi’s avatar

    congratulations! yay! it looks gorgeous!


  2. Diane’s avatar

    Wow!! You did that fast and I LOVE it!! You do should such amazing work. Thanks for inspiring us all.


  3. Heather’s avatar

    OH MY GOSH- It’s done! Congratulations! I bet it just feels fantastic to have all the blocks now complete!! :) YAY!


  4. Debbie’s avatar

    So great! I love to see your progress and now to see it come together with sashings. Good for you!


  5. Marianne’s avatar

    I been watching your progress and just can’t believe you got it done….Good for you…it must feel wonderful!


  6. abby’s avatar

    It looks great!!! I can not wait to see it all put together. Have you desided on your backing or how you are going to quilt it yet?


  7. Lucretia’s avatar

    Unbelievable. You must be asleep now!
    How long did it take and what are you going to do with it when you finish?


  8. Zonnah’s avatar

    Wow that is so exciting! It is beautiful!


  9. Nevis’s avatar



  10. jessi’s avatar

    WOW! I think I know people who have been working on this quilt for years! I totally hate using my quilts…I am much slower, but the thought of messing up what I spent so much time making is crazy…although I love the thought of other people loving my stuff until it wears out…a double standard I guess!


  11. Chris in Georgia’s avatar

    This is AMAZING! Unbelievable and GORGEOUS! Thanks for sharing by blogging and by posting such yummy pics.