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Be Gone Day-Glo Yellow Hallway!

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One of the problems with buying a new construction house is that you have to pick out your lighting, flooring and paint colors without ever having step foot in the house.  This house was chosen miles and miles away months before the hallway actually existed at a conference table under fluorescent lighting.  As a result, our upstairs hallway ended up really, really yellow.  And on top of that, Mr. Another-Lightbulb-Burnt-Out-That-I-Now-Have-To-Climb-Up-And-Change puts CF bulbs in the lights and the color of those things is just barf-inducing.  Add in builder-quality paint that gets scuffed by just looking at it…. Yeah, time for some change in the hallway (finally… it’s not like we’ve lived here for three years or anything…).

The before (with some tape up… don’t worry I haven’t outlined my house with a royal blue marker):

And the after:

Now the carpet looks *really* yellow.  I think I’m going to make poor Sean replace the light fixtures because it’s still way too yellow in there.  Hopefully the better quality paint will stand up to the crazy kids.

See the yellow glow from the light?  CF + yellowed tinged glass = yuck.

Don’t forget the pattern sale! That’s all for today…

2 thoughts on “Be Gone Day-Glo Yellow Hallway!”

  1. Shanna says:

    Love the new color!!

  2. Melissa says:

    Nice! Looks so fresh and inviting.

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