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And into the archives we go…

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So Sean has had a little bit too much fun today while I was dealing with snotty noses and goopy eyes.  Yes, believe it or not, I haven’t always made quilts. <gasp!>  The purse he so lovingly showed you today is from way back in 2006, just a couple days before Miss Maeve’s second birthday.

And yes, I made her outfit too.  It’s Moda/3 Sisters “Faded Memories.”  Are you thinking to yourself, “How the heck does she remember fabric from  three years ago?”  Simple.  I have a huge stack of it in the fabric collection and made a quilt with it a couple days ago.  Perhaps her outift will help with that last little bit of inspiration I needed for a quilt pattern in-the-works because it looks like she’s wearing a quilt, not a toddler’s outfit. 😉

One thought on “And into the archives we go…”

  1. Julie says:

    That is so funny… just the other weekend I was at a craft sale and saw very similar bags made wtih drink pouches. I thought they were pretty neat!

    I hope the runny noses and goopy eyes clear up soon.

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