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The Social Event of the Season

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The super social elite of Raleigh gathered tonight for *the* event of the season.

Yes friends, Mr. Liam turned two today.

It was a party full of …

… new Wall-E books…

… a new Wall-E in town … who made sure the old Wall-Es knew he was boss …

.. a good ol’ strangling by your older sister..

… Wall-E decorations of every sort …

… your first ever Krispy Kreme straight off the conveyor belt …

… and then vehemently signing for more …

… and some fab quality time with one of the fab party guests …

…and some fun at the park … just being a little boy …

(He doesn’t have an overbite but he certainly does seem to when he smiles!)

And by the end of the party, the guest of honor was more than ready for bed.

He’s grown so much since last year.  Sniff.

I promise to be less sniffly tomorrow … maybe …

2 thoughts on “The Social Event of the Season”

  1. Julie says:

    Happy Birthday Liam!! Hope you had a great day – sure looks like it from the fun pictures.

  2. Nadia Lewis says:

    Happy Birthday, Liam! I hope you enjoy your toys. 🙂

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