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It was all fun and games until it was actually time to go to bed…

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So the pretty wall belongs to Liam’s big boy room.  Eight days ago it was a playroom that was beige and a mess.  Now it’s clean and pristine (and never will be again if he follows in his sister’s footsteps) and not a playroom or beige.


(Does the quilt match the wall or the wall match the quilt?)

Liam was loving his new room and new bed and new quilt and new pillow and all that.  Then we went to put him in bed for the night.  That wasn’t cool according to Liam.  So I stayed with him.  In the dark.  I started to fall asleep.  He kept babbling (for an hour!) about wanting Wall-E and EVE, bananas and cheerios, cream of wheat and spoons, pizza!!!, daddy being a butterfly, Maeve going to Cinderella school… etc, etc.  And in the next breath he was snoring.

Fingers crossed that he’s not awake at 5 am tomorrow (normal is about 7:30).

I’ll do a full show-and-tell once my wall decor gets here and I finish a little bit more sewing.

4 thoughts on “It was all fun and games until it was actually time to go to bed…”

  1. Cathy says:

    The room is fantastic! What a great boys room. I’m so glad to see that you have taken a wee bit of time out to do something fun!

  2. Barbara says:

    What a great room! I love the “boys version” of the Modern Rose Garden quilt. I hope you will show us more of that one!

  3. Melissa says:

    Liam’s quilt is amazing! Good job Emily. Good show!

  4. our wall decors are always colored white, coz white is our favorite color and it looks good too”,:

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