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January 2010 Patterns

No. 022 — Creature Comforts

Layout 1

Join the squirrel, bird and owl frolicking about in the flowers. Finished quilt measures 60″ x 60″ (152.4 x 152.4 cm).

022 img_9690 022 img_9597 022 img_9599

No. 023 — Concentric

Layout 1

Includes directions for making four sizes (lap size shown below):
Crib – 40″ x 50″
Lap – 60″ x 60″
Twin – 76″ x 96″
Queen – 96″ x 96″

023 img_9655 023 img_9548 023 img_9553

No. 024 — Twisted

Layout 1

Oh the tangled web we weave…*

Includes directions for making four sizes (lap size shown below):
Crib – 40″ x 58″
Lap – 60″ x 62″
Twin – 76″ x 96″
Queen – 96″ x 96″

*actual pattern contains little deception. No inset seams! Promise!

024 img_9659 024 img_9710 024 img_9535

No. 025 — Life Imitating Quilts

Layout 1

Fabulous manquilt.  My husband even asked for one. Finished quilt measures 60″ x 60″ (152.4 x 152.4 cm).

025 img_9666 025 img_9562 025 img_9560

No. 026 — Sweet Garden

Layout 1

Update: This pattern got a makeover. Check it out here. Sweet Garden = Liam’s quilt + Modern Rose Garden + a Layer Cake.  I love Liam’s quilt but I hated cutting from 26 different prints.  This quilt uses one layer cake + sashing. Finished quilt measures 66″ x 67″ (168 x 170 cm).

026 img_9673 026 img_9612 026 img_9611

No. 027 — Zero One Zero

Layout 1

Um, yes, really.  I made a quilt with, uh, yeah, that on it.  Any guesses as to what it spells? Release your inner geek! Time for a binary solo! Finished quilt measures 67″ x 62″ (170 x 157 cm).

027 img_9616 027 img_9622 027 img_9621

No. 028 — Ants’ Delight

Layout 1

Get ready for summer with this picnic quilt with lemonade and an apple and pear and watermel… hey! Where is the watermelon going?  Hurry before the ants eat the quilt too… Finished quilt measures 71″ x 71″ (180 x 180 cm).

028 img_9727 028 img_9638 028 img_9643

(there are more patterns!  go to the next post!)

9 thoughts on “January 2010 Patterns”

  1. jaybird says:

    i love them! my brother is so going to make me make the binary one for him!

  2. Karen N says:

    Fantastic quilts! I am going to have to get myself a couple of those patterns.

  3. Kristine says:

    These new patterns are AMAZING! I need to get my hands on one (or a few)!

  4. Jessica Tierney says:

    Oh how I wish I quilted! Your picnic quilt is too adorable! LOVE It!

  5. Jackie says:

    Just beautiful!

  6. Barbara says:

    Emily you are so talented, I’m working on a mini-rose garden right now and comtemplating whether I could tackle a mod pod which I need to buy the pattern for. Keep up the amazing work, you are so talented.

  7. Louise says:

    Love these– especially “twisted”. You’re tempting me to break my no-spending-in-January rule! (February is right around the corner.)

  8. Elle says:

    The binary one spells QUILT!! (I got really bored/curous.)

    1. emily says:

      Yay! Someone guessed. 🙂

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