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I’m Blue.


I actually am slightly blue.  I wanted a Liberty of London dress from Target but the fabric was horrible.  Come July it would be a hot, sticky, clingy mess.  Hrmph.

7 thoughts on “Blue”

  1. Joanna says:

    I THOUGHT THE SAME THING! I was all excited because they’re really pretty, but YUCKY fabric. The girls dresses are nice cotton though, maybe I’ll sew two of them together and make a skirt 😛

  2. Sean says:

    I think you were also slightly blue all day from holding your breath to avoid the aromatic Cooking Meat Fumes wafting from the kitchen.

  3. Suzanne G says:

    I so wanted to find something I liked! The prints I liked were either already sold out or in dinnerware – in pink or black, neither of which would look very good in my home.
    Would love a tunic for the beach or a scarf/pareo. Oh well, maybe they’ll come up with something I like later this spring.
    Suzanne G in NC

  4. Kim F. says:

    I completely agree and wondered why in the world Target/LOL made the decision to print on yucky poly for us grown-ups. I’m still considering buying 2 of the the XL sized little girls’ dresses, cutting off the bodices, and making myself a skirt, though….

  5. Jen says:

    I was seriously envious of all the gorgeous Liberty goodies you gals were getting in the U.S. I’m glad I read your comment regarding the quality before I bought any of the items on eBay! I guess now I can save my money for fabric to make one of your lovely quilts!!!

  6. Lisa says:

    I bought some of the girls dresses in XL and they fit me!!! I am not a real small girl 5’10” and I usually wear a 10 or 12 in misses. I got some of the maxi dresses, all cotton and lined, I am going to shorten one to knee length and you can pull them down and they make a long skirt!

  7. royaltygirl says:

    I bought the 3 Liberty pareos and made skirts from them! They were knee length and pleated and I even mixed and matched some of the fabrics together. I used an anna maria horner skirt pattern that has a contrasting pleat and band at the bottom. I love them sooo much. I also bought the girls dresses thinking I could use the fabric but they fit so I am wearing them as is!

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