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Quilting Advice of the Day: Scraps

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Q: What happens if I’m running low on scraps?  I’ve been on a scrap quilt kick and the buckets are almost empty!


A: Make more quilts! The scraps will follow.  Promise.

Scary thing is that there is no backing in those stacks.  And there are four quilts missing from the stacks.  Yikes.  Am I allowed to be freaking out about the amount of work to do before Market?

And no, I’m not actually running low on scraps.  After weeks of sewing them it looks like I didn’t use a single piece out of those buckets.

One thought on “Quilting Advice of the Day: Scraps”

  1. Leila says:

    I’ve always wondered what people consider scraps to be. Less than a quarter yard? Less than 9×9 inches? Anything left over from a project? What are your scraps like?

    Looks like some cool quilts. Be sure to post after market and show us all your fun stuff!

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