… my favorite of all the quilts I’ve made.


It’s No. 033 and will be fully revealed sometime before Market (aka as soon as I get everything done!).

I heart it.  I don’t think it will be going into the closet.



  1. Karen’s avatar

    If that is a teaser of #33 we are in for a real treat when all is revealed.

  2. Melissa’s avatar

    what does No.33 mean? I know you’ve made more than 33 quilts! How does the numbering system work?

    From the teeny preview it looks very pretty. Love that pink.

    1. emily’s avatar

      The numbering is just for the patterns.

    2. Ginny’s avatar

      The quilting looks awesome. I am excited for the reveal.

    3. Joanna’s avatar

      I love it already :)

    4. Karen’s avatar

      Emily, can you tell me how you do your binding? I’ve just started quilting and so many people tell me different ways. I machine sewed the whole of the binding on my first quilt and it didnt look the best. It moved a lot and isn’t very straight at all!
      Next quilt I machine sewed the first half of binding on then hand sewed to the back of the quilt, is this how you do yours? How long does it usually take you? It’s such a tedious task, so I thought i’d ask an expert :)

    5. Karen’s avatar

      My bad… I found your post about binding…looks too easy!! thanks :)
      LOVE your work by the way, sooo inspiring :)

      1. emily’s avatar

        I didn’t know I had one on binding! I’ve got to bind one early next week and can take some pictures of how I do it. It’s 100% by machine (d@mn arthritis).

      2. Moria’s avatar

        hello Emily, I was looking at Alexander henry fabrics and started searching by image instead of a word so I can see what other people did with the fabric I had in mind, robots, when I came across to your website. I did a loud WOWOWOWOWOWO LOL I love the walls I just painted my boys room today and had I came across your website I would’ve done same thing on thier walls oh well not all is lost I have to do a huge play room so what a perfect oportunity to copy you wall (unless it is copy writen or something)
        soo I want to ask you would please tell me how big the big box is I can gage the others by that.
        also I am sorry for asking too many things but the name and maker of the paints you used.
        thanks so much

        p.s you are soooo talented and I love you work

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