Once Upon A Time…

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A very daring lady asked me to write a book.

So I did.



See the author name?  Eek!  That’s me!  By golly I really did write a book.  I should really send this to my high school English teacher.

Perhaps my Geometry teacher too.

And my Physics teacher who was very unhappy that I went to a froufy liberal arts college instead of going into some dorky Physics-related field (I just then went and married a Physics dork instead ;)  Love ya dear!)

So the details of my most fabulous first book — Quilt Remix — with the most fabulous C&T Publishing:

Play the Flip Side of Yesterday’s Hits!

  • 10 projects feature traditional quilt patterns with a surprising contemporary twist
  • Use basic piecing and appliqué techniques
  • Organized into beginner, intermediate, and advanced sections

Here’s music for your ears!  New settings and fresh fabric combinations for all your favorites — Log Cabin, Nine-Patch, Irish Chain, Flying Geese, Pinwheel, and more,  You’ll love these quilt designs made with fresh, fun fabrics for any home.

Coming to a store near you in November 2010.


27 thoughts on “Once Upon A Time…

  1. Anna

    That is so cool!!!! and you make it sound so easy. she asked and you waved your wand and poof, here is a book. you should be very proud. that is a great accomplishment that many people can’t say they have done it.

  2. Susanne

    HURRAH! And you waited until the 3rd of May and everything! Well done.
    It’s just beautiful-congratulations.
    the very daring lady

  3. Nichole

    Wow-that’s big news and you didn’t even leak it! Looks fabulous and I love the concept. Congrats!

  4. Ann

    Congrats Emily–You know I love your designs , can’t wait to see the book. Good on ya girl.

  5. Tammy

    Hi Emily & Congrats!
    I do hope you will be selling your book on-line with your quilt patterns, so we can get personalized and autographed copies. This is so exciting.

  6. Jen

    Congratulations! But November is soooo far away….how will I ever wait that long?

  7. Ellen Ban

    Way to go! Look forward to seeing everything in your book! Congratulations!!!

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  9. April

    I just saw Jaybird’s link to your site and as I saw glimpses of your quilts I got excited. Because traditional patterns made new is EXACTLY what I like to do. Another book is going on my wishlist!! :)

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