Party Like It’s Sample Spree Bundle Sale

I have some bundles left over from Sample Spree that I listed in the Etsy Shop.  Quantities are gosh darn limited but it’s a rockin’ deal if you need some new quilts to sew.

All 13 new patterns:

And all 7 Video Game Patterns:

I found some of each so far while unpacking.  I have to *finish* unpacking so I know really how many there are.  I wasn’t the neatest packer. Maybe I’ll even get some pictures up of Market!  Wouldn’t that be amazing? ;)


  1. Lisa’s avatar

    Ok, I caved and went straight to etsy, loved your garden pattern that I won a little while back….and hey this will help reduce my stash right!!

    Hope you had a good time at market.

  2. Melissa’s avatar

    Glad you are home safe!

    Those little pattern bundles you ribboned up are super cute. I hope the fair/market/thingie you went to was a good success for you!

  3. Jennifer’s avatar

    Hi, Emily! I cannot believe that I did not see your table at sample spree! I loved meeting you at market! You are such a sweet, nice gal! And I am beside myself over your book coming out! {And just so you know, you had the best booth at market. In my humble opinion} Rock on, girl!

  4. Laura’s avatar

    Hey Emily! I know that when you were at the market you tweeted about Little Mr. and Little Mrs. fabric by camelot cottons. I just have to have some and I can’t really find it online (or I can only find like 1 cotton pattern). Any ideas how I can get my hands on some of this?

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