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randomness du jour

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I will live a happy and fulfilled life even if I never get the pleasure of recaulking a bathroom shower ever again.

Pretzel M&Ms are ridiculously yummy.

Garage sales are *exhausting* but boy do they clean out a lot of stuff!

Arthritis sucks.

You never realize just how many clothes and linens your family has until you stop folding them for a while.

Summer is way too hot.

Life is crazy.

Baby birds just hatched in a nest on the porch are so incredibly sweet. Sitting there with their mouths wide open. Eek, major cuteness.

Trees blowing gently in the breeze are pretty.

Fun stuff and a contest later this week (ok, so probably the weekend). Stay tuned…

One thought on “randomness du jour”

  1. Barbara says:

    Dido on the pretzel m&ms. I bought two bags last time we were in the states. They didn’t last long enough and they don’t sell them in Canada! I’m having withdrawl!

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