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Surreal in Seattle

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This is Sean’s car.

photo 52

This is Sean’s car being loaded on to a tow truck.

photo 33

This is Sean’s car on it’s way to (a large car carrier and then to) Seattle.

photo 43

Yes, Seattle.


Oh, is that too cliché? How about this?

photo 2

Ok, so that’s a little cliché too.  How about your run-of-the-mill skyline shot?


Holy crow, we’re moving.  About 5-10 years before we planned on  moving again.

photo 5

Sean got a job offer that was pretty sweet so we decided to go.  This has all happened since Market.  So in less than two months, Sean has flown out, interviewed, accepted a job, we’ve cleaned out the entire house, made the few necessary fixes to it, got it on the market and flown to Seattle to househunt.


We decided on an area of the city.  And within that area, three smaller areas to focus on.

photo 3

No, we aren’t living on Harbor Island.  I’m sure Liam would love it but I’m not sure a shipping container has the curb appeal we were hoping for.

We just need this to sell before we can buy one.  Want a house in Raleigh with an awesome sewing room?  I can send you our realtor’s number if you’re interested. 😛

First Floor - Kitchen (1)

Second Floor - Bonus Room (1)

So Sean flies out Sunday and starts the new job Monday.  I’ll be staying in Raleigh with the kidlets until the house sells.  Hopefully that will be soon.  Really soon.  But the market sucks so who knows how long it will take.  I have no idea if I should start the kids in school (starts in ~2 weeks) or keep them at home and hope we are there by the beginning of September when the schools there start.  So many unknowns.  So many details.  Slightly losing my mind.  But this will be so incredibly worth it when it’s all done.


So if I seem a little spacey over the next couple weeks, this is why. 😉 Or maybe I already am spacey?  Don’t say yes to that!

photo 32


Some details…

— The winner of the contest is… Cheri! The first one to guess Seattle.  Please email me your pick and address.

All patterns will be on sale (more pre-moving cleaning out!) for a while in the new shop. Not sure when I’ll remove the code yet. Code is seattle (creative eh?) and will get you 15% off.

— Quilts in the Etsy shop will be on sale as well — that just takes a bit more time to change but if you want one from the shop, just email me and we’ll set it up.

— Carolina Patchworks will still be Carolina Patchworks.  It’s amazing how many people thing *my* name is Caroline/Carolina/Carol.  We actually had the “Well, what if we move and the company still exists” conversation when starting the business and we decided that it was a generic enough name to go ahead with it.  It seems like the only people who make the Carolina connection are those that have some sort of connection to the Carolina/Mid-Atlantic area.

— Speaking of the Mid-Atlantic, John decided to start-up a Mid-Atlantic Quilt Retreat after we decide to move and after I’ve lived in the freakin’ Mid-Atlantic for 20 years. Hrumph.


Some randomness…

— Liam said he was tired at Target.  So he laid down to sleep.

photo 42

— Maeve votes we get this house.  It isn’t PhotoShopped.  It really is that color.


— Ack! It’s like Edy’s but it’s not. But it is!  But it’s not.  Freakyman.


I promise no more Sleepless in Seattle jokes.  We had tons of Insight jokes after I got my car and then they just got really old.  Hopefully it will be the same with Seattle.  But the whole thing is very surreal.  Especially the car this morning.  Yikes.

16 thoughts on “Surreal in Seattle”

  1. susanne says:

    WOW!! Congratulations to you all for being so darn brave and really capitalizing on such a great offer! Sending quick house-selling vibes your way!

  2. Alyson says:

    Congrats! Sounds like a crazy and awesome adventure. Good luck with everything…

  3. Jessica says:

    Congratulations! What a fun adventure for all of you.

  4. kat says:

    Hi Emily! I found your blog through Julie’s ( and I will have you know that Seattle is a fabulous place to live. I actually moved up to Washington State from Carey, NC (amusingly enough), and then up to the Seattle Area. By the way, this is the best time to move up here, when the sunshine is out and it is beautiful outside! I hope your move goes smoothly and your Raleigh house sells rapidly!

  5. Cheri says:

    YEAH!!!!! thank you!! Thank you!!! THANK YOU!!!! I can’t wait to let you know which pattern. I’m going to reveiw the patterns one more time but I bet it’s the pattern that someone made last week and brought in a local shop – way cute!!! I wish I was moving farther north to Raleigh… I’m going to upstate SC. I would love your sewing room (and the kitchen is exactly what I want too)… oh, well…. Good luck with the move!!!

  6. Robin says:

    How exciting! I’ve lived in the Seattle area most of my life– it is definitely a fabulous place to be! Hope you and the kidlets can join your husband soon! 🙂

  7. Dana Carlton says:

    Love Seattle, used to live there in the late eighties. My Dad lived in Renton for 25 years and loved it. I lived on Lake Sammamish and in Bellevue both really nice areas. You will love it there. You get used to all the rain. I don’t know how it is on the east coast since I have never lived there. I live in California now but would return to Seattle in a heartbeat. Congrats!

  8. Megan says:

    Good luck pulling together all the details of moving – I know everything will work out the way it’s supposed to! I’ll be sad not to see all your quilts @ TMQG, but I know you’ll be surrounded by lots of super-cool fellow crafters in the Seattle area!

  9. Dawn W says:

    Wow – I’m so impressed with you just taking chances and going for it! Way to go! Also, if you’re not too set on your three places to live, be sure to check out Woodinville. It has state wide award winning schools and nice places to shop and eat too. And … if you need a fun and free activity, be sure to go to the Mukilteo beach at low tide to play with all the little critters and watch the ferry come and go while eating Ivars clam chowder. Oh, I am so envious of all the yummy seafood that I no longer get down south. Best of luck to you!

  10. Mary ann says:

    Wow, life changes so quickly! But taking big leaps when opportunity comes by is so important. I travel to Seattle often and enjoy it, there is so much to do and it has such a different feel than anywhere else I’ve been. I’ll second Dawn’s comment. I love the area around Mukilteo but I have to say the trip to the airport from there is fierce!

  11. Congratulations. Your house looks beautiful…I would think it would sell pretty quickly. Good luck and wishing you the best in your new adventure.

  12. Sandie says:

    Welcome! Seattle is a quirky, vibrant, lovely place to raise a family. Find a home with a great sewing room, paint it a fabulous bright color and it’ll feel like home in no time!

  13. Megan says:

    Welcome to Seattle! It is a FABULOUS place to live! Friendly people, great spaces and REAL mountains. You will LOVE it!

  14. Jaytee says:

    Nice blog…interesting reading her comments

  15. Cathy A says:

    I’m in the Seattle area (Eastside)…It’s nice here–really! I hope you will like it. Did you know there is a Seattle Modern Quilting Guild? Woodinville, mentioned above has a cute quilt shop.

    Do you know people here? If you don’t, feel free to ask me questions…even though I’m a total stranger. I hope it’s not weird to offer.

  16. Mary says:

    Congrats on you new location….eventually anyway. I just knew Seattle!

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