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Today was a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.

It will be so worth it in the end…

But today really sucked.

Check back tomorrow for a much cheerier Cherri post.

64 thoughts on “:-(”

  1. Leila says:

    I hate moving! Sorry you have to deal with it. You house is GORGEOUS! I would miss it and the ravine where you take your quilt pictures.

    I grew up in Gig Harbor, WA and loved it. If your husband is working in Seattle it is quite a commute but they have an express commuter bus. We just got back from visiting – I forget how much I love it there. Move in Aug. – be with your husband. I have seen too many people lately say they will move when they sell the house or when this happens or that and they end up apart for way too long. It isn’t worth it.

    Good Luck!!!

  2. Kellie says:

    (((((((hugs)))))))) to you all. Moving a household and small kiddies across country can not be fun. Here’s hoping they have some awesome quilt stores for you in Seattle :o)

  3. Mary ann says:

    It will work out in the end but I know these next few weeks will be very tough. Think of the positive a little more time when the kiddies are in bed for quilting.

  4. Robin says:

    I certainly don’t envy you the task of waiting and moving. I have a feeling though that the time will pass quickly, and you’ll be on your way in no time! 🙂

  5. Michele says:

    Love the book and your patterns too, especially Deception!

  6. Michele says:

    OOPS! I meant Twisted! (Where did Deception come from? Can you tell I’m a Social Psychologist?)

  7. Pauline McCauley says:

    Love the tip on how to combine solids with a print: choose a solid that is either slightly lighter or slightly darker than the main color. Avoid matching exactly to prevent it all from falling flat. That is a valuable tip. Thank you!

  8. Meredith says:

    Great interview! Thanks for the giveaway. I love your patterns and Cherri’s book.

  9. Lainee says:

    Hope your house sells soon! Thanks for the very generous giveaway!

  10. Kate says:

    LOVE that City Harbor quilt — great blues! Thanks for the giveaway!

  11. Mary Ellen says:

    Best tips from Cherri is to have a plan and choosing solids. I have some lovely fabric in my ‘stash’ because I liked it, and there it sits. I have been trying to match the prints to solids, which of course, has not worked.
    Thank you.

  12. I totally agree with Mary Ellen (a post or two ahead of mine). I’ve been quilting for almost 5 years and already have way too much fabric that I no longer want and should have never bought in the first place. With solids, you can’t go wrong! Thanks for participating in the giveaway tour!

  13. Shari W. says:

    Don’t use many solids as such, don’t use many patterned fabrics either. I love bold color…batiks, ombres etc. Thanks for the chance to streach my creative wings.

  14. Linda says:

    Hope your move goes smoothly and the house sells fast!. Thanks for the interview on City Quilts. Love the blues.

  15. Penne says:

    Love the quilt’s they are all beautiful…. I have always been reluctant to use solids… not understanding the whole concept. This was very helpful…. thanks so much for sharing.

  16. Tammy says:

    I know exactly what you are going through. This thought always helped me: The time that you must spend apart is a mere blink in your lifetime together with your husband.
    Keep saying this even when the tears are streaming down your face, or one of your beautiful children is throwing a tantrum, or crying for Daddy or you really need some “me” time

  17. Barbara says:

    Nice to visit your blog on the tour, I’ll be back.

  18. Paula says:

    I received City Quilts for my birthday, and it is a wonderful book – very inspirational! Now I am obsessed with making a quilt in solids, so I hope to win some … thank you for the interview and giveaway!

  19. Marjan says:

    Another chance to win a bundle or the book. Thank you!

  20. sue says:

    Seattle is a great place! Thanks for participating in this blog tour with Cherri.

  21. delia says:

    Thanks for another great interview!

  22. delia says:

    Oops, I commented on the wrong post! Hope your day is going better today!

  23. Amber Murray says:

    thanks for the give away. I want this book and i would love to win the fabric too

  24. betsy says:

    thank you for the chance to win

  25. Lisa Garrett says:

    This is on my wishlist! Thank you for the opportunity to win it!

  26. Bec Clarke says:

    Ohh patterns too, how generous, I love the look of your patterns but haven’t got any yet.

  27. Judy B says:

    You’re a Dear Janer – another soul sister. Love the colors. I started with a kit and mainly reproduction and I love the colorful ones that I have seen. I keep stopping and starting so someday may be finished.

    Moving – just set up your sewing corner first and everything will be fine!

  28. Dorian says:

    Another great question session! Thanks so much for the insite into Cherri!

  29. Debra says:

    Thanks for the giveaway. Hope the move goes smoothly.

  30. Gretchen says:

    I’m enjoying this blog tour! I hope your move goes well. You are so lucky to be moving to Seattle. I would move there in a millisecond!

  31. What a great interview and what a fun tour- I really enjoy reading all the different ways people are getting information from Cherri. Thanks for the opportunity to win the book and fabric.

  32. Karen McMahon says:

    Great interview. It’s interesting to here about the creative process. I would love to win. (Good luck with your move!)

  33. Kathy says:

    What a great giveaway – a book, those great fat quarters, and then your patterns!

  34. Kathleen says:

    New opportunities and new friends to anticipate meeting! Transition is hard and we all fight change, but just know that you are loved. Thank you for a great interview and blog hop.

  35. Joanna says:

    I know how terrible moving is. I have moved 5 times in the past 5 years in 3 different states. Soon to be moving yet once again. Thanks for the giveaway. Hope the move goes smoothly.

  36. Mama Mel says:

    Thanks for the opportunity to win some great prizes! 🙂

  37. Kathy C says:

    Love the look of the quilts in the books. It’s on the wish list unless I win it!

  38. Sara says:


  39. Kelly says:

    There is so much inspiration for quilts all around us. We need to stop and look. Good luck with your move. Thanks for the drawing.

  40. Annabel says:

    Thanks for this thoughtful interview, I was really interested in the question about matching solids and prints! bellgirlsblog [At} gmail [dot] com

  41. Annmarie says:

    Another great giveaway – need to check out the rest of you blog too – I love being introduced to new blogs – especially quilty blogs. Thanks for being here!

  42. Mary says:

    I’ve enjoyed the interviews that several of you bloggers have done…I think this was an awesome way to promote.

  43. Linda says:

    I love your questions…especially the one about matching prints to solids. What a nice giveaway! Thank you!

  44. Jenny says:

    Loving this book tour and finding all these new blogs to read!

  45. Sarah says:

    Love the book & love the quilts! This range of Kona solids is WONDERFUL!

  46. Darlene Staley says:

    Another great interview. This book is too on my wishlist and would love to win it along with adding some more fabric to my stash! Thanks for the opportunity!

  47. Judy G says:

    I’m loving this tour and seeing the new (to me) websites. Thanks

  48. Anne Marie says:

    Great interview and giveaway. Hope I’m lucking enough to win. Thanks for the chance.

  49. Carol says:

    great interview. Love the book. good luck with the move

  50. Nancy Sue Phillips says:

    Hello from the Washington DC area. I dropped by the blogtour. I know, I know, the giveaway is the posting above, but I also had to comment on this posting! I soooo feel for you and the move, the split family for a while, the housing market. I have no magic words other than to say, just think how great the holiday season will feel with all your stockings hung together (or replace this tradition with holiday tradition of your beliefs) and you will be in your new home! And some of the annoying newness will be comfortable old hat, but still the excitement of new discovery. And if all this gibbergabber hasn’t made you feel better….than I have one word….recaulking! Yep, recaulking the shower. I actually recaulked our two bathrooms 3 months ago when I had heard about some caulking giving off bad formaldahyde fumes, but I used some old caulk on the two bathrooms that didn’t “cure”, so I’m at it again. (Had no idea that some have expiration dates on the tube!) Adding this up 2baths 2times is 4 caulking jobs in the past 3 months….,. Heard how you love to recaulk! Feel better ? Have an awesome week!

  51. Wendy says:

    Wow! I love Cherri’s quillts too.
    Thanks for the chance to win. So generous!

  52. Wendy says:

    Sorry! Don’t know what just happened there! I was reading your post for the give-away and commented on it… but then it turned up to be the post for today (7-21)…
    Huh? Confused!

  53. KylieC says:

    Love, Love, LOVE this book. Really have to get my hands on a copy!

  54. Martina says:

    Such a great book and give away! Thanks for the chance!

  55. sharon says:

    This looks like a great book.If I can’t win one, I will have to go to amazon to get one of my own.

    Your patterns are truly unique. I really like them

  56. Marjan says:

    What a great give away, like the quilts from the book thanks for the chance to win, Marjan

  57. Lisa says:

    Really been enjoying the City Quilts blog tour, great reading each morning!

  58. Hilary McDaniel says:

    what fun this is visiting all these great places. I’m learning so much from you all. thanks for the giveaway. here’s hoping, hilary

  59. Sharon says:

    ….and the sun will come up tomorrow…. thanks for being part of the blog tour, it’s been wonderful “meeting” everyone!

  60. Patty says:

    Thanks for joining in such a nice giveaway. I love the pics from the book.

  61. Gerrie says:

    Love the information on color and fabric choices. I buy fabric and it never is quite right. So off to the store for more! Not too bad!!
    I am also moving – so I will sign off and get packing. Good luck to you and your family!

  62. Jeanine says:

    Great tip on picking fabrics. I tend to get overwhelmed when I shop. So many choices. Having a color palette in mind will help me focus. Thanks!

  63. Linda says:


  64. Elizabeth says:

    Good interview. I’ve learned so much, just from this book blog tour! Can’t wait to get my hands on the book!

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