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I’m torn on whether or not this is a good thing.

We decided late last week to start Maeve at school here.  We’re on a multi-track year round fustercluck schedule so she started yesterday. In a way it’s good because it give her some structure to her day (which were were lacking around here lately) but it’s not so good because it means we’re still here.


Liam is quite thrilled because with Maeve at school, he got some uninterrupted puzzle time. Though today he was quite sad and kept asking where Maeve was and saying that he missed her.


School has also put a kink into talking-to-Daddy time (iPhone FaceTime rocks btw). We were calling every morning at 10 because it was a good time for everyone’s schedules but with school, I think we’re changing Maeve’s time to around 4 when Sean is finishing lunch and Maeve is home. Today’s conversation?

D: Hi Maeve!  How was your day?

M: Good.

D: Did you have fun on your second day at school?


M: what?

D: I said, did you have fun on your second day at school?


M: Daddy, why do you always have time to talk to me?

D: Uh, well, I just finished my lunch, and since you’ve been at school all day, this was the first chance I’ve had to talk, so I wanted to give you a call before I went back to work, since I have a few minutes.


D: Can you hear me Maeve?


M: what?


D: I said, can you hear me or is it hard to hear?

M: Daddy, I’m *trying* to concentrate on TV!

D: Oh… okay.  Ah, did you want to stop talking and go watch TV instead?


(in the distance) Liam, do you want to talk to Daddy?


They really do miss him. Promise. But how dare Daddy interrupt Olivia! Just wait until I turn it off to give them baths in 3…2…1….

(did the Raleighians hear the screaming?)

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  1. Joanna says:

    YIKES!! ::squintsfromscreamingchildrenavoidingwater:: I’ve been wondering about the FaceTime…so jealous!

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