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I am not a Network Administrator

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Nor do I play one on TV.

I do not know the difference (nor do I care to learn the difference) between a router, switch, d-link, linksys, netgear, silicon dust or whatever other plastic boxes with blinking little lights are sitting next to me.

I do not know what is in that scary cabinet full of wires (nor do I care to ask).

I do not know what should get plugged into what (nor do I care to learn).

When the network breaks, the network administrator fixes it.

Problem is he moved to Seattle.

Problem for me is that a friggin’ ginormous storm hit us Wednesday night/Thursday morning (seriously one of the worst since we moved here 4 years ago) and decided to nuke all sorts of stuff.

We thought it was just the cable and Time Warner finally decided to send someone to our house this morning (yes, on Saturday… no internet for my internet business since Thursday morning). Cable man fixed his stuff but it still doesn’t work.

I can’t really call Sean easily since we have Vonage and if you don’t have internet, well, you don’t have phone either.

Can’t really call on a cell phone either because we live at the bottom of a huge hill and are covered with trees and the server room (yes, the house has a server room) is in the basement.

I finally got my laptop to work by plugging it straight into the cable modem. So if I want to send an email, I can walk down 2 flights of stairs with painful arthritic knees to my laptop or hen-peck out an email on my phone but ONLY if I’m standing next to a window on the top floor because then I might get 1 bar of Edge (no 3G… don’t even think about it). We ended up in an IM conversation trying to get it working.

I sound whiney. I need more chocolate. I’m supposed to be working on binding-o-rama. I have 2700 inches of binding to do.

I need a network administrator.

(If you’re waiting for me to respond to something, hang in there. Things are obviously not functioning normally at the moment!)

4 thoughts on “I am not a Network Administrator”

  1. Kare says:

    I tell you, technology – its great when its working but when it doesn’t, oh my, frustration doesn’t seem to adequately cover it really. Wishing you all the best.

  2. I understand the signal issue, when we go to my parents we end up having a no-tech vacation because to get a signal we have to drive to the top of a hill! Enjoy the time away from demands with a valid excuse!

  3. Jennifer says:

    We had the same issue after that same storm. For us, our wireless router was fried. Internet works from the cable but the whole house is offline due to the wireless router not wirelessly routing. We picked up a new one at bestbuy and bought a better surge protector. I can’t wait around two days without wireless in this house – it’s misreable.

  4. kathy says:

    I had to chuckle because we HAD Time Warner & Vonage. I know that your problem doesn’t have anything to do with ours but I had to vent about TM. Where we live our service was sooo bad. They kept sending someone as many times as you would call but they blamed the weather the temperature changes, regardless what time of year. So of course our vonage only worked as good as our non-dependable cable…..Thank heavens they built a cell tower very close, now we just have cell phones and verizon internet & all problems solved. I know what you mean about all this technology. Without my hubby I wouldn’t have a clue. He’s our network administrator. It’s amazing how much we depend on each other. Scary, huh!

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