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No-Calorie, Fat-Free Kona Chips!

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Having a munchie craving? May I suggest these fabulous no-calorie, fat-free Kona chips? Colorful and delectably scrumptious. And high in fiber!


There is quite a bit of prep work involved but we can just look at it as a way to brush up on your knife, err, Olfa skills.


Om nom nom. (And yes I really cut up my color card. Allie at RK said I could! It makes picking colors for a quilt *so* much easier.)

Don’t forget the birthday sale! Ends Wednesday night.

11 thoughts on “No-Calorie, Fat-Free Kona Chips!”

  1. ~Michelle~ says:

    Great idea! Next step is to hole punch & put on a ring (or more like a bunch of rings, since there are so many kona colors)??

  2. Sequana says:

    I’ve been trying to get my hands on one of those color cards for weeks now. It seems pretty impossible for a regular quilter and fabric buyer to achieve.

  3. Shea says:

    I’ve often thought about buying a second one, just so I could cut it up as you have done. I LOVE that card, but dislike having to imagine a handful of colors together.

    How are you planning to keep them? By color family? Or just in a giant fun heap? 🙂

    1. emily says:

      I plan to just keep them in the container like that. I tend to need to pick colors in huge groups a couple times a year so it’s not something I’ll be digging through on a daily basis — if I were, I’d probably come up with a better storage solution.

  4. Mary ann says:

    Oh gosh, now something else I need to hunt down. I love them all cut up, how much more useful.

  5. Sandie says:

    I was so happy to finally get a color card this summer….and had a discussion on Saturday with my daughter about getting a 2nd one to cut up. Too funny!

  6. Audrie says:

    You know, I’ve often thought about cutting up my Kona card for exactly the same reason but I just can’t bring myself to do it! Perhaps one day soon!

  7. sewkatiedid says:

    This is awesome. It bugs me that they don’t have velcro on the backs to shuffle them about.

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