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Scenario #89,022,482,104,295,687 it is!

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Needless to say the past couple months have been quite the roller coaster in our house. Plan A didn’t work. Nor did Plan B. We passed Plan Z weeks ago.

There were days I was about to pull out my (grey) hair because we just could not figure out what to do with the move. We literally went through hundreds (or so it seemed) scenarios of life every day.

But we figured it out!

We have a house and a move date and all that fun. Phew. It’s good to have things decided upon. I’ve been scared to say something in fear of jinxing it but it’s looking good and 99% final. So…

This is the view from the back yard deck. Holy guacamole… and it’s apparently even more beautiful in real life. The kitchen, dining room and family room also look out onto Puget Sound.


And here is the new Carolina Patchworks World Headquarters. It has a totally awesome little office-type room attached to it which will serve as a spiffy stock room.


Even better than a spiffy house? The movers are coming Sept. 14 to start packing. The kids and I fly out a couple days later. We get to all be together again. <3

So needless to say I’ll probably be a bit on the quiet side for the rest of the month (especially since my computer will be packed in a box and then on a truck for at least 1.5 weeks).

I’ll post some details here and send a more detailed email to wholesale peeps this weekend about shipping dates since there will be nothing shipping out of here for the second half of the month.

The plus for NC residents? Soon, you’ll save over 7% on all purchases!! The bad news for WA residents? Yeah, sorry. Gotta be a real business. Hrumph. 😉

Seattle, here we come (finally!!)!!

10 thoughts on “Scenario #89,022,482,104,295,687 it is!”

  1. Barb Colvin says:

    Welcome to Washington! Looks like a beautiful location. I live over on the other side of the state in Spokane. Less rain and we do get snow, but we get more sunshine! Hope the rest of the move goes smoothly 😀

  2. Karen says:

    Hope your move goes smoothly. Looks like an awesome studio you will have. You will just have to be careful about how much time you sit and stare out the window. It might not be too productive…

  3. Mary ann says:

    Looks lovely and a perfect place to be creative. Hope everything goes smoothly in the next 6 weeks, how lovely to be home together again.

  4. Kelly K says:

    Looks beautiful! I hope your move goes perfectly, I’ve really enjoyed your blog and I’ll look forward to the new posts once you get settled in!

  5. Joanna says:

    Congrats Emily! The view is amazing and I hope that the new digs (and family togetherness!) in Seattle will make your life every bit as happy as you deserve 🙂

  6. Good luck with your move! It looks like you are going to a wonderful place – a beautiful view and awesome workspace. Glad you will all be together again soon!

  7. Cathy A says:

    Welcome to Seattle. Looks like you’ve got a great place to live!

    I have an online shop in WA, and the sales taxes are a huge pain in the neck! 🙂

  8. Jenn says:

    Congrats on the move – hope everything goes smooth! Us Carolinians will miss you (even if we had to pay 7% more than everyone else…)

  9. Good luck with the move and enjoy your home in West Seattle! Some of the best sunsets in the world 🙂

  10. Ann says:

    Hope the move goes smoothly. Keep sending patterns/books back to the shops in NC! Wishing you all the best.

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