Sew, Mama, Sew! Giveaway Day {closed}

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The giveaway is now closed! Winners will be announced Saturday, December 18th.

Happy Giveaway Day everyone!

Four fabulous items:

Quilt Remix

(open to US Residents only)


My first book! See some previews in Unmixing Remix: Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4

Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks, Volume 2

(open to US Residents only)

See my block on page 50!


(open to everyone)

Layout 1

Includes directions for making five sizes:
Crib – 40″ x 50″, Lap – 60″ x 60″ (pictured) , Twin – 76″ x 96″, Queen – 96″ x 96″, King – 110″ x 96″

Another Brick in the Wall

(open to everyone)

Layout 1

A favorite among everyone! Uses a jelly roll plus yardage.


To enter, leave a comment and let me know which one you are most hoping to win (and please note if you are US or international)! Comments open through December 17th. Winners will be chosen randomly December 18th.

The end of year sale is still going on! 20% off everything in the shop (Big Cartel only) with the code ENDOFYEAR. Good through December 24th.

Any questions? Email me at emily {at} carolinapatchworks {dot} com

392 thoughts on “Sew, Mama, Sew! Giveaway Day {closed}

  1. Deborah

    Carbonated! I’m in Australia, so international for me! I love the cheery colors in Carbonated.

    Stop by and visit my giveaway at

    Homemaker Honey
    homemakerhoney @gmail .com

  2. Lesly

    Has to be Carbonated because I’m in Canada and I already have Another Brick in the Wall. P.S. Bought a copy of Quilt Remix – it’s great, I love your vision!

  3. Sara

    Actually I would love to win any! I am a beginner quilter (finished my first quilt in October), and I am hungry for more knowledge! :-)

  4. Sonja Greene

    I would love to win the 100 blocks! My grandmother was a quilter and now my mom has taken up the hobby and is doing quite well with it…She would love to have either of these books so if I win; I will pass this on to my mom.

    I am a US resident

  5. eesuiter

    I’m in the US and would love any of them! The brick wall looks so cool and your book is on my amazon wish list.

  6. karen p.

    I’d love to win either the 100 blocks book or the ‘”another brick in the wall”. love the pattern & it looks good for a new quilter like me!

  7. Farah

    I think i would like the top book most, but any of them would be great. I am both US and International. (Canadian with a US residence as well).

  8. Rebecca Merry

    We have to choose just one?! I would think that the Remix is at the top of my list…however the patterns are a close second there!! Thanks for the chance! Oh, I’m domestic!

  9. duff

    OH, I’d hope to win the Quilt REmix book–the pictures all look delightful!
    I live in the US but I’m dreaming of Mexico cause it’s -12 today!

  10. Anne

    Quilt Remix! Congratulations on the publication of your first book! Thanks for participating in Giveaway Day!

  11. Sara K.

    I would love to have “Another Brick In The Wall” book… I am a US resident. Thank you for this giveaway!

  12. Kathie L

    Your book looks enticing, but your patterns are equally good. Thanks for the giveaway. Kathie L in Allentown

  13. Melanie

    I would love to win your Quilt Remix book. I’ve ordered your patterns before and they are awesome!
    I’m a US resident

  14. Ammie

    Oh, dear! This is too hard to choose. Your book looks fabulous, but so does the Quilt Remix mag and the Carbonated quilt pattern. I’m in the US. :D

  15. Krystina

    Well I would love to win your book of course! Thanks for participating in the giveaway, I’m going to read through your blog!

  16. Woodbines

    I’m most hoping to win the 100 quilt block book. I’m in the US :D Thank you for the giveaway

    senjosuki at yahoo

  17. Tiffany

    Oh my goodness!! They are all fabulous books! I guess I’d have to go with carbonated ( or another brick in the wall). As I’m a beginner and anything would be amazing!! I live in the US. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  18. Brandy

    I would like to win the 100 blocks. I am a begginer to quilting and this would be a great addition to my ever growing library on quilting. I am in Wyoming, USA.
    Thanks for participating in the giveaway!

  19. Jenny

    hi, im in Indiana…snowy and cold and school closed today…not much time for giveaway entering!! i LOVE Another brick in the wall, but how could i not really really wish to win your book? congrats!!

  20. Cyndi

    Hello Emily! What an awesome give away! Any of these books would be a wonderful prize, but I especially am interested in your book, Quilt Remix. I’m a new quilter and like the fact that your book is divided into “beginner, intermediate, and advanced” sections. Plus I like the idea of doing the traditional blocks in a new way. And, I’m in the U.S.

    Thank you so much for the opportunity to enter, and Merry Christmas to you and your family!



  21. amy

    I would love to win any of these! I love them all. I havent sat down to look at any of them in detail so I couldnt pick a favorite! I do love adding to my collection of books though!

  22. Beth

    The Brink in The Wall pattern is perfect for me! Although, the 100 blocks looks like fun too! Thank so much and feel free to look at my block for a giveaway too :)

  23. jennifer

    hi!! i’m in the US and i would love a chance to win either “quilt remix” or the “quiltmakers 100 blocks” issue.

    thanks for a great giveaway!

  24. Donna

    They all look like great books! I guess I’d choose Quilt Remix–just cause I’m kind of into circular things at the moment! ;)

  25. Samina

    I’d be nuts to not grab a copy of your Quilt Remix book. It’s in my Amazon shopping cart now. If I don’t win it, I’ll definitely buy it!

  26. christy w

    carbonated speaks to me! I am in Canada and just quilted my first ever quilt (that I started 7 years ago) this weekend — so ready to do some more!!!!

  27. tobey sharpe

    I would love, love, love to win Another Brick in the Wall book. I thank you very much for your giveaway!! tobey

  28. Serena

    Either the Quilt Remix or the Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks–they both look great! I’m in the US. Thank you for the giveaway!

  29. Cayce

    wow! i’d love to have your book or the last quilt pattern. I’ve never used a jelly roll but this quilt looks very very interesting! (i’m in the usa)

    thanks for participating.

  30. Nichole

    I would love to win your Quilt Remix book, but would be delighted by any of these awesome goodies. I am in the US. Thanks for the chance to win!

  31. Dana

    I’d like your book Quilt Remix, I’ve read some wonderful things about it and it’s on my list. Thanks for the chance.

  32. Kacey

    oh man…i’d be so happy with any of these prizes! i’m rather new to quilting so maybe that 100 blocks issue would be good for me? i dunno…i’ll take whatever help i can get. :)

  33. Jill

    I’d most like to win your book. Least the magazine, not because it isn’t great, but because I have it and I’m doing it as part of my giveaway. Great minds think alike! I’m US.

  34. Consuelo

    They all look good. I live abroad though and from the two choices I’d go for the Carbonated. Thanks for the chance to win. Merry Christmas

  35. Jessy

    It’s such a tough call, but I think I would most want to win the carbonated pattern. I’m super excited for your book, but I have been in love with carbonated since I first saw it. Thanks for being so generous! Oh yes, and I am international. A Canadian!

  36. noell

    These all look fabulous! I am just learning to quilt so I’d most like to win Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks, Volume 2. I live in the US.

  37. Sara

    They all look awesome and would love to win any of them (with the exception of the magazine – I already own it)… I live in the USA…

  38. Colette

    I am from the US and would most definitely love your book Quilt Remix (but I wouldn’t be disappointed to win your Carbonated pattern either)!

  39. Marcia W.

    1-Quiltmaker 100 Blocks (cannot find this magazine locally anywhere)
    2-Your Remix book
    3-either pattern
    Thanks for the giveaway. I visit your blog often and like your patterns.
    alternate email mlwright29 (at) hotmail (dot) com

  40. Lisa

    I’d really love to win the Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks, Volume 2. Have a great holiday & thanks for hosting.

  41. Andrea Jene

    Yeah!!! How fun!!!
    I love Another Brick in the Wall and 100 Blocks. I am new to Quilting, so either would be great. If I win it would be fun if you surprised me!!

  42. Greta

    Thanks for a chance to win. I would love to win another brick in the wall. I’ve seen some great quilts made in a similar style.

  43. deborah

    i would love to win any of these books or patterns! the 100 blocks book might be good for me as a beginner, but your book looks intriguing too and i love the ‘another brick in the wall’ pattern…

    i am in the US!

    thanks for the chance to win.

  44. Lauren JH

    I’m still hoping to win a copy of your book! That said, I would love to win any of the items listed above. Really loving that Carbonated pattern!

  45. Gene Black

    Those are all fantastic. I would love to win your book (would you autograph it too, if I by some wild chance win it?)
    Congrats on being published!!!

  46. hayley l.

    Hi Emily! I’d have to go for the “Another Brick in the Wall” pattern…Just saw Roger Waters perform “The Wall” in Tacoma, so I’ve got it on the brain : )

    I’d be equally happy with your book, too– how exciting!


  47. Garilyn

    I like Carbonated and the 100 blocks, though I’d be happy with any of them! Thanks for the giveaway and I’m in the US.
    blessed.mama4 at

  48. Barb Colvin

    Quilt Remix, the book!! Want it 8-) Of course, I’d be tickled with either pattern, too. I already have the magazine, and it is full of awesome blocks to try out.

  49. Cathy A

    I think I would most like your book! I’ve been wanting to see it! I’m local…Seattle area, so pretty close!

  50. Denise

    Either your book or the pattern for another brick in the wall – my dad would love that. any would be awesome!


  51. Em

    There is a book with 100 different blocks? And it’s volume 2, so that means there are even more? I had no idea. But I would love to get my hands on this book and investigate!

  52. jen

    Oh I LOVE Another Brick in the Wall. I am currently making a couple of quilts from my daughters old dresses. Turning the skirts into strips makes the process a lot easier so I hoping to try the Brick Wall pattern in the coming year.

  53. Kathy G.

    I would love to win “Another brick in the wall” … but it’s such a hard choice. All are exciting items.

  54. Susanne

    I’d love to win the “Another Brick in the Wall”. Great design! I’m a neighbor from the north, in Canada. Thanks for the chance to win!

  55. Ann

    I would love it if you sent a book or the carbonated pattern back to NC! I hope you are feeling somewhat settled in your new house and enjoying the area.

  56. Jenniffier

    I am liking Carbonated. So cute. Or of course the 100 block magazine. Yeah I am not one of those ones who can choose well. Thanks for the chance to win.

  57. Leslie S.

    I would love to win your book. I already have the magazine and your pattern Another Brick in the Wall. (Should I be greedy and say I want the book AND the Carbonated pattern?) Thanks for the chance.

  58. Carla

    I’m international from Canada. Would love Another Brick in the Wall pattern. Thank you for the chance to win.

  59. Jess

    Ooh, I really love “Another Brick in the Wall” but would also love to have any of them, to be honest!

    I’m in the US.


  60. Sue Sharp

    Well, I’d love the book but it’s on my Christmas list (and I’m very hopeful…) plus I don’t live in the US. So…Brick in the Wall looks like my kinda quilt!

  61. Jane

    Quilt remix would bemy choie. Congratulations on your first book. How exciting that ust be! Thanks for the chance and Happy Holidays. Jane

  62. Jessica

    I would love to get my grubby little hands on the ‘Another Brick in the Wall’ book. First off, its a reference to Pink Floyd and I love the modern look of the stacked books. Oh, pretty please!?!?!?!?

  63. Caren

    Wow, what a generous giveaway! I am not particular about which book, I just love looking for inspiration. If any of the books help folks figure out which fabrics go together, I’ll vote for that one. I’m a dunce at figuring out what fabrics “coordinate”. I’m typing from snowy Ohio (US). Thanks for the giveaway!

  64. JEnnifer

    I would love to win the block quilt book! I love quilts like the one on the cover. they are my favorite

  65. yara

    i would lOVE to win your book, quilt remix! that would be super awesome!!! any would make me happy :) thanks for doing a giveaway :)

  66. bonnie

    anyone of the books would be great but I guess quilt remix or 100 blocks would be my choice
    FL, USA

  67. Alli

    I’d most like to win the Another Brick In The Wall pattern, just because I’m a beginning quilter and feel most comfortable with simple patterns. :D I live in the US.

  68. Beth T.

    Since they are all quite tempting, I’ll just close my eyes and point at one: the Carbonated pattern!

    Thanks for the giveaway.

    wordygirl at earthlink dot net

  69. mab

    Your book looks fabulous! I searched around and looked at some previews & patterns. Super fun! If I win can you also put a few extra hours of free time in the package so I can get started on one of the projects? :)

    Thanks for the chance to enter!
    New Orleans, LA

  70. Jessca

    I love a good book! I am definitely liking the preview pictures of some of the patterns in your book!! Thanks!
    Jessica from New Bern, NC

  71. Colleen

    Thank you for the lovely giveaway. I would love Another Brick in the Wall. I have jelly rolls to use up and make quilts with! thanks again!

  72. Becky

    I am in the US and would most hope to win your Qulit Remix.

    Wow, what a generous giveaway and thank you for the opportunity to win.

  73. Shannon O.

    My first choice would be your Quilt Remix book but I have to say that I just love the Carbonated pattern also. Thanks for the giveaway.

  74. Alyssa

    I would love to win the Quilt Remix…and I’m from the US. Thanks for the giveaway!

  75. Marshall

    Tough choice! As a relative beginner, I would like the 100 blocks Volume 2. I’m keeping your book on my wishlist though! It looks great!

  76. sarita

    they’re all awesome, but I think i’d most like your book (i’m US-based).
    thanks for the opportunity to win! :)

    sarita0818 at comcast dot net

  77. Sheetal

    I absolutely would love to win a copy of your book…I love the idea of new twists on traditional patterns and am curious to see whats in Quilt remix!

  78. Julia

    Carbonated is fab – and I’m in New Zealand, so international :) I must check out your book though, it looks fabulous – congrats!

  79. Claire

    I would love to win your book! I’m always looking for new ideas, and I really like incorporating traditional with modern. :)

  80. Anne

    Tough choice, but I would have to go with the Remix book. Another Brick in the Wall would be my second choice.

  81. Manda Colburn

    I’m in the US, and I would love to win a brick in the wall! My 2nd choice would be the the 100 blocks vol 2. (I’m a newbie and it’s a bit daunting!)

  82. Jennifer P

    I would love to have a copy of your book, Quilt Remix. Thank you for the wonderful giveaway!
    belle31971 at gmail dot com

  83. Molly

    I think all the items are great! If I had to pick one, I’d pick your book. Thanks for doing a giveaway!


  84. Gillian

    I would just love to win a copy of Quilt Remix! But it was a tough choice between that and Carbonated…..

    I live in the US.

  85. Anne

    I love the quilt remix book, it looks amazing, and I’d love to add it to my collection (US)! Thanks for hosting such a fun give-away! :D

  86. Hilary

    I’d love to win another brick wall- I’m from WI, USA

    Thanks for the chance to win- the.ant.hil(at)gmail(dot)com

  87. Deb

    I’d say the 100 Blocks book….because I might win your book when you have your blog hop giveaway. :) debgiro at wildblue dot net

  88. daisy

    wow, what a great giveaway, thank you! i would love either, but my fvourite would be another brick in the wall :) please stop by my blog as well, i’m also having a litlle giveaway.

  89. Ms Muffin

    Would love to win “Carbonated”
    Living in Germany … :-)
    Thanks for this great giveaway!
    Come by my blog and enter mine if you want to! You could win some handmade
    buttons ….
    Ms Muffin
    ulli-xox [at]web[dot]de

  90. Kellie

    Love that “Another Brick in the Wall”. Thanks so much. I am currently working on your “Ghosts” Pattern. It is insane! I am so excited to give it to my father-in-law for Christmas!

  91. Morgan

    Oh goodness, how to decide? I like the Brick in the Wall pattern, but would love to win any of them! I’m in the US.

  92. Jen B

    I’d love to win the book (I’m in the US) but the patterns are so fab too that I wouldn’t be unhappy to get either of them instead!

  93. Kerry

    I’m in Canada – another brick in the wall would be my first choice – Carbonated would be my second choice. Thanks for the giveaway!

  94. sean

    100 blocks magazine

    I don’t enter these things that often because I don’t have any luck. But my daughter said I should so here goes, in the past she had me enter for her.
    tcsean(at) Florida

  95. julie

    I really “Another Brick in the Wall”! I am in the US. Thanks for the giveaway! juliecf27 (at) gmail (dot) com

  96. anne

    oh, i would love, love, love to win your book! i’ve already made your mod pod and mario quilts (and have the brick in the wall pattern waiting for me to have time to start a new quilt!)

  97. robyn

    I am in the US, and I like Another Brick in the Wall. Thanks for the giveaway! Robyn (dot) Geddes (at) gmail (dot) com

  98. Jeane

    I would love to win Carbonate, but anyone would be great. Thanks for the great give away.
    Jeane, Canada

  99. Jansie

    Hi there, I am in the US and would love to win the Carbonated pattern. Your book looks cool, but I don’t know if I’m ready for remixes yet! lol

  100. arlette

    I’d love to be entered in the drawing, I’M INTERNATIONAL, I’d love to see the blog you made in the 100 blocks magazine (I know I can’t win it), we still don’t have the magazine yet, congrats and thank you for sharing :)

  101. VickiT

    My first choice would be your Quilt Remix book. That looks like a wonderful book. Next would be Carbonated. What a beautiful quilt.

    Thank you so much for the chance to win these.
    And I also hope you have a wonderful holiday season.

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