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Decor: Christmas

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Now that Christmas is winding down and all the decor is going back into storage until next year, it’s time to look back on what items got a thumbs up and what we should change for next year.

The most important Christmas decoration in our house, is of course, the Christmas tree. Here are the kids in front of our spiffy cool white tree on Christmas morning.


It didn’t get the normal ornaments this year because a) Liam likes to destroy *everything* right now and b) we couldn’t find them (we did eventually find them… turns out the movers stashed a bunch of boxes in a closet where we told them NOT to put anything). So, I gave myself a $20 budget and went down the *NON-BREAKABLE* ornament aisle in Target. Ah, plastic. It’s the best friend to all parents of young children.

It’s decorated in silver, teal, white and black ornaments. I think it looks awesome.

But I’m thinking next year it’s time for another change.

My inspiration is the cafeteria at Sean’s office:

photo 1

photo 2

Beautiful. Simply stunning.

My creation based on the inspiration:


Stunning. Just like I imagined it! I think it will make next Christmas so very memorable.

What Christmas decor changes are you making for next year?

One thought on “Decor: Christmas”

  1. Jessi says:

    Yes – I know this is terrible, but I am determined to win best door in our neighborhood competition. This is driven from the fact that the same people have won every year and they put these weird geese in front of the door – they look like they are trying to get in the house or attack anyone trying to get out – it annoys me.

    SO I told my husband we have all year to plan how we will win next year! Nothing like a little Christmas spirit to promote neighborly relations!

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