Introducing: Rare Clothes by Maeve Cier

First, a moment to reflect on the awesomeness of this moment. Maeve, age 6, designed and constructed her first garment.


The vision: Pink, pink, pink and twirly. Very twirly.


The model stare. Did you know Joann’s has a collection of Disney Princess embellishments for clothing? I will be spending the rest of my life in that aisle if Maeve has her way. There’s 3 yards of bling on this dress.


See you on the runway friends…


… or just on the playground. Rare Clothes by Maeve Cier will be available on the “Flush the Toilet*” slide during recess after lunch. Cash or silly bands accepted.

*You know the slides that curve around and around? Apparently the kids in her class play the “Flush the Toilet” game on it. Sigh. Six-year-olds…

And in Mommy news, the Quilt Remix Blog Tour starts tomorrow! Yay! Katie will start the party.

  1. yara’s avatar

    haha, that’s so cute!! good job maeve!


  2. Joanna’s avatar

    Precious! Great Job Maeve (and Mommy!)! Good luck merchandising at the slide!!


  3. felicity’s avatar

    Wow! Such talent already (I’m being totally serious)! I’ve commented on this before but I absolutely love the name Maeve. It appears your daughter is living up to its origin as being the name of a Warrior Queen. Awesomeness indeed.


  4. Leslie Myers’s avatar

    LOVE the dress and the pictures. What a wonderful way to start Maeve on her way to a wonderful hobby! I love the concentration on the machine and feeding the fabric. Thanks so much for sharing the joy!!


  5. Mandee’s avatar

    ADORABLE! How fun for her! And good for her! Awesome that you’re such a great mom that teaches her such talents! I was lucky enough to have a mom like you! That dress is just adorable!