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Quilt Remix Blog Tour: Day 4

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Whew… I’m (mentally) exhausted… more about that in a sec…

First, stop #4 on the Quilt Remix train. Today, we’re visiting with Allie Aller, a fellow C&T author who has a book coming out in February.

book cover

The official blurb: Allie shows readers how to make crazy quilting more contemporary with an array of easy-to-master techniques, showing how- to combine traditional methods with modern fabric tricks. The photo gallery reveals just how creative and modern crazy quilting can be-and anyone can do it.

I love how the color flows from block to block on the cover. The idea of crazy quilting scares me to death but at the same time I think it might be good for me especially after sewing 12,000+ 1-1/2″ blocks together.

Visit her blog for her take on the book and another chance to win a copy!

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Now for today’s Mommy moment. I was at the doctor with Liam this morning (the reason this post is just now getting posted). I mentioned either here or on Twitter that we had found out the hard way that Liam had a peanut allergy. We swore that he’s had peanuts before and he’s definitely been to peanut restaurants (those places with peanuts on the tables, floor, ceiling and walls) and so we thought he was ok with them. Yeah, well, he isn’t.

He got tortured today at the allergist. See the freakin’ huge red spot in the middle? That’s peanut. (The reddish one to the left was a histamine control.) She’s 98% sure that he doesn’t have a tree nut problem at least. And apparently the reaction was large enough that (based on today’s knowledge/no treatment of peanut allergies) it’s not something that he is likely to grow out of.  I really do have to stop blaming myself for this but it keeps coming back to something I did wrong. It’s hard being a Mommy.


5 thoughts on “Quilt Remix Blog Tour: Day 4”

  1. Poor Liam! My little boy had to go through all the allergy prick test last year and was not fun at all. Come to find out he is not allergic to anything he actually has an autoimmune disease called urticaria. aka… chronic hives. FUN! Hate to hear that he is allergic to peanuts… that is going to be difficult keeping foods away that have peanuts. 🙁 I know it is hard to be a mommy… just know that you are doing an awesome job!

  2. Don’t let the guilt get you! I don’t know if it possible to “do” or “not do” anything to “cause” a peanut allergy, but I’m sure you are making the best decisions you can for your children and family every day.

  3. Natasha says:

    I had the guilt as I lived on PB on my toast thru both pregnancies. My girls are 16 months apart (aged 6 and 5) and the oldest is allergic and the youngest is not. I found out my oldest was allergic when I gave her about 1/4 teaspoon of PB on my toast when she was about 17 months. When she had trouble breathing and it sounded like her throat was closing….we figured she was allergic. All is good and she is a pro had knowing the “No nuts” symbol on packaging.

    Love the new book. Going to add it to my wish list on amazon now!!

  4. jen says:

    I fully understand your longing for sweet tea and good carolina bbq. Having grown up in coastal NC I adore bbq and sweet tea. When we lived in San Diego we would drive 45 minutes to Chick-fil-A just to get sweet tea (and a wonderful chicken sandwich). I was in NC last weekend and my family’s only request was that I bring home bbq. Hang in there. As least you can get good salmon where as we on the east coast have to settle for Atlantic salmon. Try Beaver Brand tartar sauce (an Oregon brand). It has lots of dill and tastes wonderfu on everything from salmon to cod.

    As for the Momy guilt – let it go. As a pharmacist I can tell you that many allergies will not show up the first time a person is exposed to the allergen. It is possible that Liam was exposed to peanuts at an earlier time at which point his body first made antibodies to peanuts. This can take days. When exposed again, your body can react much more quickly to the allergen. At least you know now.

    My daughter was not diagnosed with Celiac disease until she was 12, at which point we had been unkownly poisoning her with gluten for years. She was the shortest kid in her class. She was absolutely tiny. Once we removed gluten from her diet she absolutely sprouted. I cried and cried. I realized that she was underweight and height because we feed her gluten when she was allergic to it, but now two years later my sweet little girl is taller than I am and she has become a rather wonderful cook. I have decided that as Mom we do the best we can with the information we have available. If you have a Weagman’s grocery store where you are, they are very good at listing the allergy content in their products.

    Good Luck.

  5. britt says:

    I just found your blog via p.s. i quilt. Love it! Just had to comment on the peanut allergy post. I am severely allergic to peanuts and I am really sorry to say the reactions get worse with each exposure. It’s hard to avoid completely so now I’m 25 and to the point where I need two epi-pens to get me out of anaphylaxis after even a single peanut M&M. I was diagnosed at age 7 after a gum-in-the-hair incident resulting in peanut butter all over my back and shoulders, but I’d eaten PB&J sandwiches before then. I think the initial reactions are so mild that they can go unnoticed, I can remember a time when only my lips would swell.

    The good part is foods are labeled now. Some people can eat candy that is “manufactured in a facility that process peanuts”, if you’re not sure just make sure your son avoids it! And beware of homemade Christmas cookies – several of my reactions have occured as a result of cookies all piled on a plate rubbing off on each other. About the tree nuts, my allergist told me there is a lot of cross-contamination with peanuts in the factories so I should stay away, but your son might be okay if he’s eaten them before. Judging from the photo of his back his allergy is not too bad. Trust me, soon it will become second nature to read labels and ask about ingredients and you will be able to keep your son safe from peanuts!

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