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Low Tide

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We ventured out this morning to see what was the lowest tide of the summer (even though it’s not actually summer yet). It’s amazingly cool under the water.


First we went to the beach that we normally go to. No cool creatures here but the tidal pools were neat. As well as all the rivers of water draining out.


We ditched our shoes and dug our toes into the (incredibly cold) water. Liam had a blast.

We then headed up the street to find creatures. And creatures we found!


I had never seen a starfish outside of an aquarium/zoo setting. Well, I totally made up for that today. They were *everywhere* and piled on top of each other. It was amazing.


Not a creature, but I finally got to see the lighthouse! It’s actually a functioning lighthouse/Coast Guard station and not a tourist attraction like the one we were used to in the Outer Banks. Large gates protect it from the road but with the low tide, we could walk out and see it from what is usually water.


It is simply amazing all the creatures that can be packed onto one side of a rock. The gooballs are anemones which close up when the tide goes out. The colors of everything were amazing.

How many times have I said ‘amazing’ or ‘totally cool’ or something along those lines? I’m still a low tide newbie so I’m allowed right? It’s still pretty low tomorrow… wondering if I can convince Liam to go on a return trip…

Something new in the world of quilts Friday? or the weekend? Sometime soon…

3 thoughts on “Low Tide”

  1. jodi meenan says:

    Thanks for sharing these incredible pics! I especially love the lighthouse over yonder. And your son squeezing the sand through his hands – reminds me of the fun we used to have with our kids on the beach when they were little – so inquisitive and awed!

  2. yara says:

    your pictures are awesome!! 😀

  3. Carolyn says:

    purple starfish?! Thee pictures ARE amazing. I just had to comment!

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