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Megapixel: Guaranteed Insomnia

I’ve been working on a new quilt for our bed. I finished up the piecing today and dragged Sean out for a couple pictures.

He’s afraid it’s so bright that he’ll never sleep ever again.


The back ended up pretty cool too.


I’ve got to piece some shams, iron it all and then it’s off to Angela!

Fabrics? Robert Kaufman’s Konas of course (I think I referred to this as Kona-O-Rama on Twitter a couple times). Just a couple leftovers from the 279 cuts of fabric that came in for these projects.

Now that the quilt top is almost done, I really, really have the itch to paint our room. I would describe the color as, umm, not my style. It’s just a bad, bad dream. No wall should ever be that color. I got two postcards from Sherwin-Williams this week. It’s a sign.

5 thoughts on “Megapixel: Guaranteed Insomnia”

  1. Wow – that’s a lot of little squares! How big are they?

    1. emily says:

      It’s somewhere around 3000 pieces in the top. I forget the exact dimensions (oops!). They are 2″ finished.

  2. Wow, Emily, that is insanely awesome!!! I adore this!!!

  3. patricia says:

    It has this wonderful Wizard of Oz vibe to me. All those colors make me smile.

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