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Family Fun

Nothing says family fun like a trip to your local volcano.

We headed up Mt. Rainier a couple weeks ago. It ended up being a wee bit cloudy so we couldn’t see the peek from where we were but still had loads of fun.





And the weirdest part?

Snow. Lots and lots of snow. Still. The kids *loved* having snowball fights in July.


(See the little dots in the lower right? That’s M, L and S.)

3 thoughts on “Family Fun”

  1. jodi meenan says:

    That DOES sound like a blast! And what great memories you’re making!

  2. Melissa says:

    My hubby and I were there in early May for our anniversary, and we foolishly thought we would be able to do a little hike to the waterfall your kids are standing in front of. Um, no, the road to the park climbs quickly. We had to climb on a 6 foot snow berm on the side of the road to see it! Ah, the folly of city folk!

    1. emily says:

      jodi- a blast! ha! cause, you know… volcano, blast… sigh.

      melissa- there was another waterfall we were going to go see that was blocked by massive amounts of snow and ice. insane. crazy. and more insane.

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