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The Wall o’ Fabric

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I cleaned up yesterday.


There’s a boatload of fabric in here (but honestly, it doesn’t seem like that much now that it’s all cleaned up).

It looks messy (but I can tell you exactly where any one piece is because the organizational scheme makes sense in my head).

It’s nice having everything cleaned up (but now I can see the ugly carpet since it’s no longer covered in fabric and quilts).

And to think I’ve bought almost no fabric in the past 1.5 or so years. Crazy? Maybe.

And this doesn’t even include the Leaning Tower of (Buckets Full of) Scraps…

6 thoughts on “The Wall o’ Fabric”

  1. Leila says:

    It is amazing that you haven’t bought any fabric. I can’t believe how many quilts you have made in the last year and a half.

    Beautiful fabric.

  2. Christy Ryan says:

    Those shelves are fantastic! I totally need some of those.

  3. Emily says:

    I am so impressed you have not bought any new fabric in so long. Pls tell me your secret!

  4. jen says:

    i m sooooooooooo jealous.

    congrats, it’s looks great.

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