Sullivans Edge Ruler Blog Hop Continues…

We’re on Day Three! Come back tomorrow for my stop!

September 27th

September 28th

September 29th

September 30th

October 1st

And I leave you with this, my quilt-holder-in-training:


(Some old patterns are getting a fresh cover picture in an upcoming reprint.)

23 thoughts on “Sullivans Edge Ruler Blog Hop Continues…

  1. Mom C

    What! you don’t want to know who should play me? Good, cause I don’t know either. So, if the blade gets sharper and sharper with every use, do you get rid of it when it gets so sharp you can’t put it down cause it will cut through your mat and table and start on the floor? Does the ruler finally lose it’s sharpening edge? Is that when you know your blade has done all it can? Since you’re the last stop, these are burning questions. Or maybe it’s just Friday and I’m feeling the weekend. Thanks for the informative post. I love green beans. I need to go pick mine today. It’s been a fun hop.

  2. LJ Meyers

    Good morning. When I visited earlier, you were still on Thursday!! Glad to see others aren’t morning people. :) Can’t wait to try a Cutting Edge ruler. Your fridge looks way to healthy. I must take a lesson from you and then perhaps I can loose some weight – fruit, veggies, yogurt…

  3. Judy in Idaho

    love your fridge..lookes like kidding! Goldie Hawn would play me in a
    movie..hee hee. I really want the “yard stick” size Sullivan ruler..REALLY WANT!

  4. Ada Shave

    I must try your bean, should be able to get some fresh on this weekend, fall fair is on.

    can’t wait to try the new ruler.

  5. Mary T. Salmon

    I love your blog. I do hope to win a Sullivan’s ruler but if I don’t I will have to buy one and try it out.

    I have lots of stuff in my fridge to make dinners but I am not inclined. Meat, chicken and lettuce…but that just does not sound good.

    Thanks for sharing!

  6. Karen Linton

    Your green beans look delicious. I usually sprinkle with Bragg’s Sprinkle, add about 1/2 cup water, cover w/plastic wrap and nuke for 4-min. Still a bit crunchy, but hot.

  7. donna mease

    Loved the green bean recipe. Quick and simple and sounds like it will be tasty. I only know a limited number of recipes. cooking doesn’t turn my crank (with the big exception of Christmas…then it is my famous prime rib and everything homemade). What does turn my crank are…good quilting tools and lots of quality quilting fabric from my fave quilt shops around Wichita.
    Hope I get to win a great lookin’ ruler, too!
    donna j from kansas

  8. Linda P

    I have actually called a restaurant before going to make sure they had green beans – love them any which way!!! Yummmm!!!

  9. Dee

    Your green beans sound great! The sullivan Ruler also sounds great.

    My fridge needs cleaning!!!! To busy quilting.


  10. Grace

    I have been looking all over for these rulers, but none of the shops here seem to be carrying them. So, I would really love to try one. My favorite t.v. show was The X Files, but now I have replaced it with Criminal Minds (watching it right now). My refrig. has a few things in it because I just got home from shopping. However, the freezer is empty except of ice cubes!

    (oops, sorry I posted on the comments from Sep. 27th).

  11. Kim McCann

    Thanks for the chance to win a ruler.

    You eat way too healthy to be a quilter! I am impressed by the amount of vegetables you have in that fridge.

  12. Elaine

    Wow my fridge looks nothing like yours. Actually mine is pretty empty right now. Guess a trip to the grocery is on the agenda for tomorrow.
    Crossing my fingers that someone picks me to win one of these great rulers.

  13. Donna Russ

    Love your blog, I though my comment went thru last night, but I don’t see it anyway, thanks for a chance to win a ruler, I bet when you and Pat get together yawll just make all kind of funnies, and laugh alot….I love to laugh

  14. Susan

    I had a hard time finding out where to leave a comment. I don’t know whether or not this will count, since it’s Oct. 1, but I thought I’d give it a try. I think that having a ruler that sharpens blades would be great! My frig/freezer is full of frozen yogurt. I eat it for breakfast, lunch dessert, afternoon snack, and dinner dessert! My husband and I really laugh throughout The Big Bang Theory. Thanks for the opportunity!

  15. Dianne Hoffman

    Awesome that someone figured out how a quilter could self sharpen the rotary blade. Would love to have one and would put it to good use.

    My frig isn’t quite as healthy but we had a hard frost last night and now all that remains in our norther garden are many healthy greens and leeks and the cole crops. Hope to extend eating fresh greens until the snow flies or Thanksgiving-which ever comes first.

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