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Fall 2011 Pattern Release

Ready? Set… go!

No. 056 — Enigma


Question: how is it that a throng of various triangles can assemble themselves together snugly into a perfect rectangular quilt? And all without pesky triangular inset seams?

Answer: it’s a mystery! Or — well — an enigma.  Good thing we have a pattern to help figure it out!

Includes directions for making five sizes:
Crib – 42″ x 51″
Throw – 60″ x 69″
Twin – 78″ x 99″ (pictured)
Queen – 99″ x 99″
King – 111″ x 99″

Cover quilt uses Curio and Grunge by BasicGrey for Moda Fabrics.

056 IMG_5494_5_6 056 IMG_5173_4_5 056_back

No. 057 — Slaphappy


The night sky is full of stars — but have you ever thought how the daytime sky might look sparkling with those same stars?  Perhaps a little like this. Or perhaps not. No matter — this quilt can brighten up the day or night (or a cloudy Seattle morning)!

Includes directions for making five sizes:
Crib – 40″ x 50″
Throw – 60″ x 70″
Twin – 76″ x 96″ (pictured)
Queen – 96″ x 96″
King – 110″ x 96″

Cover quilt uses Cross Weave and Bella Solids from Moda Fabrics.

057 IMG_5557_8_9 057 IMG_5587_8_9 057_back

No. 058 — Couth


Crisp lines, strong shapes marching in lockstep — a quilt fit for a castle. Actually, now that we mention it, it actually resembles a castle. Either way, this quilt will look quite sophisticated in your own throne room.

Includes directions for making five sizes:
Crib – 48″ x 54″
Throw – 66″ x 72″ (pictured)
Twin – 84″ x 102″
Queen – 102″ x 102″
King – 120″ x 102″

Cover quilt uses Cross Weave and Bella Solids from Moda Fabrics.

058 IMG_4985 058 IMG_5644_5_6 058_back

No. 059 — Quietude


Imagine a summer’s sky, a flock of sparrows flying north for the Spring. Or perhaps a rainbow. Heck, why not both at once?  The point is that we have nowhere to be, nothing to do but gaze up and watch the shapes drift by.

Includes directions for making five sizes:
Crib – 45″ x 57″
Throw – 63″ x 66″ (pictured)
Twin – 81″ x 102″
Queen – 99″ x 102″
King – 123″ x 102″

Cover quilt uses Cross Weave and Bella Solids from Moda Fabrics.

058 IMG_5401_2_3 059 IMG_5638 059_back

No. 060 — Pomaceous


You’ve seen this somewhere, you’re sure of it. Perhaps a Fifties-era kitchen backsplash? Or the lobby to an ornate hotel at the height of the roaring Twenties?  Good thing squares are timeless — and an even better that this iteration of a classic tile pattern is surprisingly easy to assemble. (I see the pattern every morning on our fifties-era shower floor. What about you?)

Includes directions for making five sizes:
Crib – 45″ x 54″
Throw – 63″ x 72″ (pictured)
Twin – 81″ x 99″
Queen – 99″ x 99″
King – 117″ x 99″

Cover quilt uses Little Apples by Aneela Hoey and Grunge by BasicGrey from Moda Fabrics.

060 IMG_5620 060 IMG_5236_7_8 060_back

Come back each day this week for more photos (and some random babbling I’m sure) of each quilt! Angela Walters did the quilting and they are simply amazing.

All titles are available for presale here. I’m working with a new printer this time and their schedules are very new to me. I expect the pre-orders to ship early-to-mid-November.

PDFs will also be available for purchase/instant download around the time the patterns begin shipping.

Interested in a wholesale order? Email me: emily (at) carolinapatchworks (dot) com.

8 thoughts on “Fall 2011 Pattern Release”

  1. What a lovely crop of new patterns! I love the way you’ve taken classic, simple shapes and made them wonderful.

  2. Lesly says:

    I had foresworn buying patterns, until I saw Enigma.

  3. Linda says:

    Oh Emily,

    I am in love with your patterns, and these newest ones are sooo gorgeous! You just get better and better at this. Maybe it’s the Seattle air. I hear there are a lot of creative people up there (and the number grew when you moved there) 😎


  4. two hippos says:

    Enigma really got me. I too was skipping out on buying quilt patterns but I might have to get a copy of Enigma to understand how it works.

  5. Amy C says:

    Cute patterns! Enigma has me intrigued.

  6. elsa says:

    Really intrigued by Enigma and I think I may have enough solids to do the entire throw size. Also like Slaphappy ~ solids again.
    Wonderful designs, thanks so much for your creativity!

  7. SHARLET says:

    Enigma is a winner. I think I will have to buy it too, even though I have enough patterns to last me a lifetime.

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