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The Separation Between Work and Life

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This has been a long time coming. I need to separate the two. There’s just too much negative/stressful everything surrounding work these days (and the fact that I call it ‘work’ is an indication of a lot).

I know many people have been reading here since the beginning when the blog was a heckuvalot more about life than work but life will now be over here:


I’m really liking the tumblr format. Though I do wish I could box up an ‘e’ and mail it to them. You too flickr. Maybe I should change my name to mily cir. Spiffy, eh?

Our Gnomeo. Or maybe just gnomo?

And for work, trying to stay positive and upbeat, we’ll have some big news Thursday and new patterns next week (they are going to the printer in 3… 2… 1…).

And yes, everyone really does think my name is Caroline.

7 thoughts on “The Separation Between Work and Life”

  1. Jeanell says:

    Oh, I get it now Carolina… took me a minute.

  2. Jenny says:

    i never thought your name was caroline.
    stay positive, keep moving forward!!
    excited for big news!

  3. elsa says:

    Well, not everyone ~ it says, right under your picture, Emily and all your books say Emily Cier.
    I’m excited that you’ve got a new pattern coming out and the big news!!!

  4. SHARLET says:

    I am so sorry that it is so stressfull for you, that is one reason I having never let my hobbie (Patchwork) become my job, I want it to be FUN. The second reason I don’t have the talent to design like you do. I hope it makes you feel alittle better knowing that people think love your patterns and designs. I too know your name is Emily, I have been following your blog before you moved to Seattle and get where the name came from.

  5. Hi Emily, I was just directed to your story — as a quilter who also writes books for another publisher (Kansas City Star) I’m now horrified that some day I might face the same situation —I do scrap quilts, so my quilts use 100s of different fabrics from just as many sources, much being sent to me by people who don’t want scraps, don’t know what to do with them —and the thought of having to list each and every manufacturer is just daunting.

    A lot of my fabrics also come from recycled fabric sources such as cotton shirts and clothing –which don’t list a fabric manufacturer/designer —

    It’s just gotten to be a sticky web everywhere we turn as book authors —

    And I am a Carolina Quilter — I’m outside of Winston Salem in North Carolina!


  6. Maria do Carmo Pezzuto says:

    Olá,já estive aqui antes,eu sou viciada em hexágonos,provavelmente foi por causa de uma colcha de grandes que vi ali atrás.Eu só trabalho com sucatas,e estou maravilhada com o que estou vendo neste post,é como gráficos de ponto cruz,estas borboletas…É O MÁXIMO.Já segui gráficos com iôiô e hexágonos.Eu moro bem perto de um polo de confecção de vestuário,então compro sacos de sucatas com variedade de cores e padrões de tecidos e malhas,faço de tudo um pouco,colchas,almofadas,tapetes etc…Ter que esperar até agosto depois do que vi…Estou apaixonada por seus trabalhos,parabéns.DEUS TE ABENÇOE.Maria do Carmo Pezzuto.——-Sou brasileira.

  7. Jen says:

    I heart your Gnomeo.

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