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a closer look at: No. 064 — Quilt-O-Matic

We wrap up the new pattern roundup today with something completely different.


I’ve never done a mini-quilt pattern before nor have I done an embroidery pattern before. But now, I’ve done both.

I was a certified, dorkified cross-stitcher a looong time ago. Then (what turned out to be) inflammatory arthritis took over my life. It was hard to machine piece a quilt, hold a pencil long enough to fill out a simple form and even typing was painful. With all of that (thankfully) resolved, I’m happy to say that I have my hands back!


I’ve been working on the Aurifil Designer Block of the Month blocks (I’m November… keep stitching!) and drew this up while I was at it. It’s heavily inspired by home — in a similar way Pomaceous was.


The original cover idea was to have it hanging on the fireplace. It was there for about 2 weeks and I constantly took pictures of it in different light, different times of day, etc. I just didn’t work. This was the best I got — not horrible but just didn’t have the umph needed for a cover.

In the meantime, Liam grew accustomed to having a quilt hanging there. I eventually gave up on getting the right light and took it down so I photograph it elsewhere. This annoyed him to no end. He is now planning on us designing and sewing a new quilt to hang on the fireplace. He’s very adamant about this. Thankfully, I have an idea brewing. Now to find the time…


The quilt portion is made from Kona Charms and was again quilted by wonderfully sweet Angela.

The jump from dorkified cross-stitcher to embroider-er was quite easy. It’s somewhat freeing not to have to work within a little grid, but that’s probably humorous coming from me if you think of all the quilts I make <<<blush>>>.


The pattern includes a list of the Aurifil 12wt colors needed. I can’t say enough good things about the thread. It’s dreamy.




And that’s it for Spring! All pre-orders will go out Monday. Many thanks for all the kind words about the new stuff!

I’m already in the thick of it for the next release. It’s a biggie. And flippin’ awesome.

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