Aurifil Christmas Ornament Hop



Welcome all and Merry Christmas!

We’re now on Week Two of the Ornament Hop organized by Sherri Falls of This and That.

My ornament is a snowflake. I love ‘em. But happy we don’t get too many around here (Seattle hills and snow just don’t mix!). CLICK HERE to download the pattern.

Aurifil is giving away a box of thread! Leave comments at all the stops for a chance to win a whole box of thread. The stuff rocks — you can’t go wrong!

Answer the following in a comment below to enter — does your tree have a color theme? Or is it a little bit of everything?

This was ours last year — white tree, silver and turquoise ornaments. I think we’ll do the same this year.

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  1. Gun Adrian’s avatar

    I used to have big red marbles in my tree, but these last 5 years I haven´t got a tree. The house we were living in was too small! Maybe I could have a tree this christmas, cause now we´ve moved to a bigger house :)
    Gun, Sweden

  2. Miss Thimble’s avatar

    I like colorful and eccentric, so no color scheme for my trees! :)

  3. Darla’s avatar

    How cute! Great pattern, thank you!
    Color theme for tree or treeS…:) I have several, a Victorian, primitive, woodland and one for handmade ornaments. It’s easier than having a 12 foot tree with everything on it!

  4. Deb H.’s avatar

    Our tree has a little bit of everything. When our kids were little, their friends always preferred our tree over their perfectly color coordinated ones.

  5. ScrappyCats’s avatar

    thanks so much for the ornament pattern!

    My tree is a little bit of everything. One year the oldest daughter asked to be able to do it and she made a color combo and it really looked nice. But, many of the ornaments that I had collected through the years did not have the right color so they were not allowed on the tree. So we did not do that again.

  6. Linda’s avatar


  7. Johanna’s avatar

    I love it! A snowflake that I do not need to shovel!

    1. Johanna’s avatar

      Oops! Almost forgot to answer the question! Our tree has a bit of everything. No theme really. We have many ornaments that I have made through the years and of course the ornaments that my kids are making too!

  8. Julie’s avatar

    No color scheme for our tree. I love mulitcolored lights and lots of colorful shiny ornaments, and the kids do too!

  9. Ann’s avatar

    My tree has a winter theme; snowflakes, icicles, snowman, mittens, hats, ice skates and a few Santa’s, too! Your snowman ornament will be a perfect addition! Love it! Thanks for the chance to win.

  10. Deb G. in VA’s avatar

    I love your ornament! The only theme I have for my tree is ornaments made by me. This blog hop will be perfect to add several more!

  11. Missy’s avatar

    I don’t put up a tree because I have 6 cats, instead I hang garland and hang ornaments from it.

  12. Joyce Mitchell’s avatar

    I have mostly red & white ornaments on a green tree. Thanks for sharing your ornament pattern & thanks for the chance to win.

  13. Donna’s avatar

    Our tree is definitely a little of everything – from homemade ornaments when the kids were in kindergarten ( 20 years ago) to handmade by me. I really like the snowflake ornament – we get less snow than you (central FL) though we did get sleet a few years back.
    Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  14. Rita’s avatar

    I use white lights but the rest of it has a little bit of everything. Thanks for the cute snowflake.

  15. Perri Graham’s avatar

    Beautiful! Love the snowflakes, hate the cold!

  16. Perri Graham’s avatar

    Oops, missed the question — no theme, just an assortment of treasured ornaments.

  17. Wendy’s avatar

    Thanks for the cute pattern – my tree is definitely a little bit of everything but in the traditional Xmas colours.

  18. Laura Davis’s avatar

    My tree is an eclectic mix of bought and handmade ornaments. We have an ornament from Afghanistan and even have a dreidel! I have a set of plain colored glass balls that ties everything together. 2 years ago we started having a 2nd tree in the kitchen. That one definitely has a theme. Most of the ornaments are cookie cutters tied on with twine and some red ribbons tied in bows on some of the branches. And of course lots of lights!

  19. Gemma’s avatar

    We have a green tree with silver ornaments and a few torqouise too! The kids have our old tree in their room and they use all the colourful ornaments, seriously it’s a riot of colour! So everyone is happy ;)

  20. Emily C’s avatar

    My tree always has a little bit of everything.

  21. Sallie’s avatar

    Love your snowflake. My tree is eclectic.

  22. Ellen M.’s avatar

    Thanks for a beautiful ornament (we saw a few snowflakes today!). Our tree is a mixture of everything – many ornaments were gifts, so while it isn’t color-coordinated, it has great memories!

  23. rosa’s avatar

    Wonderful.Last year was all in red and this year we have not thought about how it will be.

  24. Robin T’s avatar

    I have so many ornaments that each year I pick a theme like snowmen, Santas or the oldest ornaments I have. I haven’t decided what this year’s theme will be. Thank you for your ornament design.

  25. Bridgid’s avatar

    The only theme I have for my Christmas tree is handmade. There isnt one store bought ornament on my tree. They are ALL handmade (most of them by myself).

  26. kaholly’s avatar

    My tree is just a regular ‘scrappy’ tree, much like my quilts. No theme, just good ol’ old ornaments to reflect memories.

  27. Judith’s avatar

    I love the aurifil thread in the snowflake. It is awesome. I would love to try some…thanks for the chance.

  28. Chris G.’s avatar

    Thank you for the cute pattern. Our tree is a little bit of everything. Lots of handmade ornaments.

  29. hetty’s avatar

    My tree is mostly snowman, so the pattern will fit right in.

  30. Kaylee’s avatar

    The snow flake looks gorgeous, looking forward to stitching this one. I don’t bother about a colour theme, I have been collecting different ornaments each year for 30 years and I like to put them all on the tree, it grows each year.

  31. Barbara Eliason’s avatar

    Such a sweet ornament. I have a granddaughter whose name means “snowflake” so this ornament will be for her. Thanks.

  32. MarciaW’s avatar

    We don’t have snow often in our part of Florida, yet my favorite ornaments are crocheted snowflakes that my mother made. She selects our tree theme and I just haul everything in from storage, follow instructions, then haul it back. Thank goodness, as she is more creative than I am on decorations. Here trees always look great.

  33. Donna Coombes’s avatar

    I don’t really have a theme but I try to do put lots of ornaments on it. The tree is 210 cm tall and I have created some of the ornaments myself and last year started to put elves on the tree. The ornaments are left near the tree for anyone to put on. The colours are bright and lively. No snow but lots of snowflake – it doesn’t snow in Australia at Christmas but I do dream of a white Christmas….

  34. Cindi P’s avatar

    My tree is a little bit of everything collected over the years. Thanks for the chance to win.

  35. Karen’s avatar

    Nice snowflake! Thank you. Our tree ornaments are ‘scrappy’. Many are homemade by me or others. I’ve been downsizing; giving to our kids. I’m thinking I’ll be making a new batch this year. I like these.

  36. Susan C’s avatar

    I have white lights on our tree but the rest of it is decorated with ornaments collected through the years. Some were gifts from students (I was a teacher), some we bought on vacation and some special ones were made by family and friends. I’m not sure how we will do the tree this year. My three grandchildren will be visiting and as 1 year olds, they are into everything! If nothing else, the unbreakable ornaments will hang on the bottom half of the tree!

  37. Audrey’s avatar

    There is no colour theme on my tree. All ornaments have sentimental value and most are “one of a kind”. As retired teachers my husband and I were blessed with new ornaments from our students every year. Add to that some family heirlooms, those our children made throughout the years, and a few gifts from family and friends and you have a good sense of our Christmas tree.

  38. Judy S’s avatar

    I usually put up two trees. One is very traditional…colored lights, and lots of old fashioned ornaments. The other has white lights and white or crystal ornaments. Lots of angels.

  39. QuiltinGram’s avatar

    My tree is mostly handmade ornaments made by myself, friends and purchased at Christmas craft sales. Lights are primary colours and tree skirt is quilted. Your snowflake ornament will be added in the next year.

  40. Pam in IL’s avatar

    Thanks for sharing your snowflake ornament. My tree is decorated with hand-made ornaments, handed down ornaments and antique glass ornaments.

  41. Laura’s avatar

    My tree definitely has all colors. Lots of handpainted and sewn ornaments made by me and many friends over the years. I can’t wait to put up the tree again.

  42. Linsey’s avatar

    I love jewel tones, so that is usually the direction i go. I want my tree to look like a sparkly rainbow!

  43. Clara Chandler’s avatar

    Our tree has the theme “Family”. We’ve collected ornaments for each year our son has been with us and other ornaments have been handmade as projects–say, play dough.

    I love snowflakes and I only see them in California when we travel to Yosemite National Park.

  44. Mary Jo’s avatar

    Clear lights are my favorite, along with red and whie and clear glass ornaments! I do have a few old favorites that go on the tree, even though they don’ t exactly match!

  45. Wanda’s avatar

    This ornament is one I have to make for my husband. He loves snow. Every year I give him an ornament and I think this year this will be the one.

  46. Jane B’s avatar

    Love your snow flake! It is perfect. I can see a whole bunch of these on the tree. We’ve been married for a long time so the tree is just a bit of everything: ornaments made by the kids, gifts we’ve received, what is left of 2 dozen gold, green, red, blue and silver glass ball ornaments we bought for $1.77 a box for our first ever Christmas tree, my collection of glass icicles and my husband’s grandmothers crocheted and starched snowflakes. No theme here, just memories.

  47. Kay’s avatar

    I use mainly red, green and gold as I like it to be traditional. however on the trees in the children’s rooms anything goes. Thanks for the snowflake.

  48. Patty Swatzell’s avatar

    Nothing is prettier or easier to make for anyone than a snowflake! Ourtree usually varies from year to year. This year I think I will go back to a traditional Christmas and pull out all my homemade Christmas ornaments.
    Thank you for you beautiful design and plan to make my snowflakes in am array of Auriful thread colors.

  49. Barbara Martinson’s avatar

    Our tree is a little bit of everything, with mostly homemade ornaments that I have collected since I was a young girl and since my daughter was born. We love it and all the memories it holds!

  50. Eva’s avatar

    Every year my tree has a bit of everything, no one or two color theme for me. I have a lot of homemade ornaments, and each year I pick up a few new ones. Thank you for this design and a opportunity to win a prize.

  51. Pat D’s avatar

    Love your snowflake. Our tree is a mishmash of ornaments collected over the years. I tried the “all red” decorations a few years ago but missed some of my cute handmade ornaments from the grandkids. Thanks

  52. Lizzie’s avatar

    I love snowflakes….cute ornament!

  53. Lesley’s avatar

    Love the snowflake!

  54. LeAnne L’s avatar

    Our tree is a mismatch of ornaments gathered throughout the years. Brings back lots of memories that way.

  55. norma’s avatar

    Love your ornament. My tree is decorated with a “scrappy” collection of old and new ornaments and lots of them that all hold special memories.

  56. Robin T’s avatar

    Our tree has a little of everything with a quilted tree skirt in a diamond log cabin pattern. Thank you for the snowflake ornament!

  57. Kathy G’s avatar

    Trees, one just doesn’t do it! You have to be a Santa to get on the family room tree. In the living room you need to be glass or white and red. In the guest room it’s a southwest theme and on the sunporch you need to be homemade, preferably when the kids were in grade school. Love those teachers who have kids make an ornament!!

  58. Cindy’s avatar

    I love the snowflake – thanks for sharing! We always go to the tree farm near us and pick out a tree. Then we decorate it with all the ornaments we have collected over the years. It has become quite a hodgepodge but it is fun to remember the stories that go with each one.

  59. kathy h’s avatar

    Cute ornament. It reminds me of the cut out snowflakes we used to make. Our tree has a bit of everything. We have collected ornaments from places we visited. I would someday like to have a second tree and only put snowmen on it.

  60. Ariane’s avatar

    Your ornaments is adorable!! My tree is fill with handmade ornaments made over the years by myself or the kids. A big mix of colors!!

  61. Sharon’s avatar

    No kids left at home so we don’t usually put up a big tree. A little 3 foot pre lit tree with homemade ornaments with pictures of the grandkids made for us several years ago is it. I think that is why I love these handmade patterns!

  62. wendy’s avatar

    such a pretty ornament, thanks for sharing!

    No, our tree doesn’t have a colour or a theme. We collect ornaments each year, usually when we’re away, so everything has a memory – I suppose that could be a theme!

  63. Becca’s avatar

    I suppose my theme would be best described as “Stuff I like”. Lots of ornaments given to me by my mom when I got my first apartment. Things I have made all the way back to elementary school and Girl Scout days. Things my fiance’s late mother made. Things my mother made and things she still sends us as gifts. Things we pick up on trips we take. There’s a lot of nostalgia and memories on my tree at Christmas.

  64. Sue G’s avatar

    A bit of everything, and a lot of memories on our tree. Thanks for the adorable pattern!

  65. Laura Mars’s avatar

    Theme? Tree? Festive? Ahhhhh! More like the tree is an after thought used to thinly disguise the depression that consumes me this time of year. Last year with our grand kids and daughter here while their dad was deployed I did my best to be jolly and having to purchase all the decorations, as it has been years since I last had a tree up, I ended up with a lovely blend of ice blue and lavender. It served as a very soothing color scheme.

  66. Sandi’s avatar

    Sweet snowflake! Our tree in the living room is all silver and gold, crystal and white. I really like it but I also like the big tree in our family room that is our “Memory Tree” with ornaments that all have a story of who made them or where they were bought, etc. I love ornaments and every year I add a few more. :-)

  67. Dee A’s avatar

    Green tree with gold glass ornaments and glittery white snowflakes and angels. Thank you for the lovely snowflake! :)

  68. vickie van dyken’s avatar

    A bit of whatever is at hand is what ends up on our tree!!!

  69. Linda S’s avatar

    my tree is mostly red & green, but all colors are welcome!! your snowflake is adorable!!

  70. Linda Ross’s avatar

    Green treat with gold, silve and crystal ornaments. Love your snowflake. Thanks for the pattern.

  71. Darla’s avatar

    Our tree is very eclectic with a mix of handmade and collector ornaments.

  72. Barbara Y.’s avatar

    My tree is full of collected ornaments, and handmade ones by me, the kids, and the grandkids. No special colors. Thanks so much for your ornament.

  73. Penny Holliday’s avatar

    We always have an old fashioned Christmas theme w/ our tree & decorating so it’s never one specific color theme but I do prefer clear lights on our Christmas tree & for outside decorating. Thanks!!

  74. diane i’s avatar

    I have a country theme as I have white lights for me and my hubby likes the colored ones. Our oraments are bought and homemade it various with which ones we feel like putting on the tree for that year. Their new dated ornaments for my boys and my ornaments that I have received from ornament exchange. I like your snow flake as I like them better then the ones on the ground. Easier to drive thru.

  75. corinne’s avatar

    No color theme, but I have a natural woodland lodge theme

  76. Julie Litte’s avatar

    My tree usually has a color theme then a little bit of sentimental ornaments.

  77. Kristy Wilkinson’s avatar

    When we do have a tree which isn’t every year, I usually decorate it with lights, glass balls and homemade ornaments. Kids have made felt, bead and clay ornaments. I have made cross stitch, needlepoint and felt ornaments. We enjoy making things at our house! Very sweet snowflake! Thanks for the chance to win. K-

  78. Sandi’s avatar

    This ornament blog hop is so much fun. All of the ornaments are so cute. Thanks for the patterns.

    My Christmas tree doesn’t have a theme. Our ornaments are home made and store bought. One year when the grandkids were small, we all made ornaments and adorned the tree with them. It was the cutest tree ever.

  79. Sew Create It - Jane’s avatar

    We don’t tend to have a colour theme…just want ever gets thrown on the tree :o ) My eldest is a bit OCD with it though and will spend ages making sure no two matching bubbles sit together :o )

  80. Cindy’s avatar

    My Tree is covered with my 4 kids ecclectic mix of ornaments, so no color scheme. Just very colorful and full of memories.

  81. Julie Weber’s avatar

    No colour theme, just cute little decorations I like.

  82. Nina Mitchell’s avatar

    I usually have two trees one is very eclectic with an assortment of vintage ornaments the other tree is a silver tinsel tree which I decorate with silver blue ornaments.

  83. Holly’s avatar

    Our tree is full of memories… my parents gave me one ornament every year at Christmas (often handmade) and we have continued the tradition with our son. We also try to buy at least one ornament during the year from our travels/vacation. So every ornament on our tree has some significance and lots of memories attached to it. :>

  84. Gill’s avatar

    No theme for us! just a bit of everything made/bought over the years!

  85. Nancy of IN’s avatar

    I love. Theme is memories of past and future. In other words ornaments are from way back until today. I even save icycles–the silver thin-like strips!. My grandmother always did, so I do. I don’t save wrapping paper, but she did and then she ironed it!!
    Thanks for ornament

  86. jmniffer’s avatar

    My tree is all about special ornaments collected over the years. Multi colored lights and tinsel. Thanks for sharing your ornament.

  87. Martha Simpson’s avatar

    Our tree is always a real one…sometimes down here in SETexas, dead as a FRUMP by Christmas. What is a frump? Don’t know, but that’s what my youngest daughter announced to the grocery store clerk many years ago! Love to remind her of that! Ha! We use colored lights and a hodgepodge of ornaments collected over the 46 years of our marriage. I do try to modernize the other decorating to keep a fresh approach, adding many ideas from our friends at Pinterest! Love snowflakes…thanks! May add some sparkle with metallic thread, although it is great as is!

  88. diane’s avatar

    Our tree is red and green – not by design, it just ended up that way!

  89. Sherry’s avatar

    Our tree has many colors because of the collection of ornaments from over 40 years. I have added white ribbon and some silver to change it up from the cranberries and popcorn we used when our kids were young.

  90. Bonnie Larson’s avatar

    Gorgeous ornaments. Our tree is an eclectic mix of old, new, hand-made, purchased, expensive and less expensive ornaments. Out topper tilts to one side, but it is the most gorgeous tree to me. Thanks for sharing.

  91. Sandy (aka Stitches)’s avatar

    MY tree depends on my whim at Christmas. Last year I had a silver, glittzy, crystal with white trees, very mono looking but it was beautiful. I have a couple of smaller trees that I do other themes with or just use all of our old ornaments that have become old friends over the years.

  92. Barb Colvin’s avatar

    A little bit of everything! paper/popcorn/cranberry chains, ornaments old and new (some store bought, others handmade), lights and tinsel, and lots of love! Thanks, Emily.

  93. Lorna’s avatar

    This is so different and so exciting. Love the ornaments

  94. Patricia Hersl’s avatar

    It has no rhyme or reason except we love them all!

  95. Diane’s avatar

    We don’t get many snowflakes here in Southern Cal either! Thank You!

  96. Judy’s avatar

    Your ornament is so cute. Our tree usually has a bit of everything on it but once in awhile we go the themed route. It is very pretty to have a theme but then I miss the ornaments that I can’t use because they don’t fit. I think I really need to have two trees.

  97. Betty Elliott’s avatar

    Love the snowflake! My tree is a collection of everything through the years.

  98. Kris’s avatar

    Snowflakes are so great for winter decorating! Thanks for the cute pattern.

  99. charlotte’s avatar

    very pretty little snow flake.

  100. pjcrayton’s avatar

    Our tree is a bit of everything – lots of memories!

    This is fun!

  101. Mary Bieber’s avatar

    Snowflake is very pretty.

  102. Peggy’s avatar

    My tree is a little bit of everything, from the little knitted stocking ornament from when I was a baby (and I’m 61 now), and a mix of homemade and purchased ornaments from over the years.

  103. Patty Swatzell’s avatar

    I have a different tree each year. The prettiest one and I will do again this year is my Peacock tree. I love peacocks and have so many peacock items that it really makes a beautiful tree.
    I love your snowflake ornament and already know how I plan to display the ornaments in this hop.

  104. Helene Younger’s avatar

    Love the snowflake!!!!

  105. Mary’s avatar

    My tree always has a little bit of everything as I use ornaments I have collected over many years. I love the snowflake. My daughter is getting married in December and we are using a snowflake theme for the decorations. I think I will make her one out of purple and silver (her wedding colors) and the date on the back as a momento. Thanks for the pattern.

  106. NancyL’s avatar

    Our tree is pretty much the same every year; clear lights with silver and gold ornaments, with some red accents for extra color. Love the snowflake; and here in MN we see alot of the real ones!

  107. Rhonda’s avatar

    We have the traditional green and red christmas. I am loving this stitchery ornaments – hairlooms in the making.

  108. Marilyn WK’s avatar

    Thanks for the snowflake ornament pattern.

    Sometimes I pick a theme with a big ribbon or garland. Then with the ornaments in between, I like to just mix it up.

  109. Paula in Oh’s avatar

    Our tree has all colors! Most ornaments are hand made or a momento from a vacation trip. Decorating the tree is like walking down memory lane! Love the snowflake ornament. I plan to make these & use them for package tags for our gift ecxhanges at work.

  110. Bobbie Bentneedle’s avatar

    Just as the first trees I remember from my childhood, our trees are a collage of all the different trees that preceeded them. Love the snowflake!

  111. Elizabeth’s avatar

    My tree is always a bit of everything. I have ornaments from everywhere and lots of different colors. My house is always decorated to the max so the tree fits in just great. Thanks for the pattern

  112. Sally’s avatar

    no colour theme–bits of past and present (mostly homemade but some wooden and some glass ornies too)

  113. patty Hall’s avatar

    I use white and everyone loves it I add a couple new items each year. I never tire of it main tree with the presents!! I have a smaller skinny tree that is hodgepodge all sorts of ornaments from everyone and the kids. It is in my family room.

  114. Christine M’s avatar

    Thank you for sharing your lovely ornament. Our Christmas Tree has a bit of every colour!

  115. Barbara’s avatar

    I like to use gold and green for my Christmas tree. Barbara from Italy

  116. Lorna D in KZN’s avatar

    Snowflake, prettly little snowflake. Don’t get much of those in sunny South Africa, but always lovely to make and look at.

  117. Jocelyn’s avatar

    Nope, no color theme. Through the years we have collected a little bit of this and that. But our tree is full of sweet memories.

  118. Dfetech’s avatar

    Love the snowflake ornament. My tree is mainly red and white with a little bit of everything else thrown in.

  119. Brenda Hulsey’s avatar

    My tree has white lights, red apples and red strung (plastic) cranberries on it. I love the red and green of it and it’s simple and old fashioned looking!

  120. Betsy’s avatar

    . Thank you so much. I have been wanting to make ornaments for a long time.

  121. Anita’s avatar

    Our tree is a little bit of this and that. I have ornaments handed down from my mom and dad when I was little and ornaments that my kids made and ornaments that I made and some that I bought.

  122. Helen’s avatar

    Our tree is a mix of everything, I love it.

  123. Carol Y’s avatar

    A little bit of everything! I love an equal opportunity tree!!! ;)

  124. kimberlee’s avatar

    We don’t have themes but my husband does like to change the lights each year. That’s been fun.

  125. Carmen’s avatar

    Beautiful ornament – I love it!

  126. Sue P’s avatar

    Last year was birds (all colors), year before purple and silver; pale pink and green; light and dark blue; red and silver. Every year try very the theme

  127. Beth T.’s avatar

    Ours is a jumble of colors and memories, just the way I like it.

  128. Karen O’s avatar

    Ours is a cheap plastic tree loaded down with lights and ornaments of all kinds. Handmade, kid made, from trips. Love it!

  129. sheila’s avatar

    My tree is definitely the old fashioned tree with multi colors and I love it that way , thanks for the sweet ornament , everyone loves a snowflake :-)

  130. Hilary’s avatar

    Every year the day after Christmas, we went to an exclusive furniture design store and bought a box of ornaments. They were made all over the world. We did this until we could not fit another on the tree. My Mom also bought my daughter the ornament of the year from Hallmark and Lenox. So we for sure have a memory tree. Now my grown daughter and family have the ornaments and I go help decorate and tell the grandchildren the stories behind them. It’s wonderful memories.

  131. Jenelle Boxberger’s avatar

    A little bit of everything. Love your snowflake

  132. Jo’s avatar

    I love the snowflake. We have a real tree and we have blue and silver decorations plus some ornaments the kids make.

  133. Terry’s avatar

    My tree never has a color theme because we put ornaments of all kinds on it from Christmas’ past and a new one each year. Your snowflake ornament is so pretty…so much nicer than the ‘real’ stuff! TFS

  134. craftytammie’s avatar

    I like white lights on our green tree, with a mix of handmade ornaments and store bought balls. this year I’m planning to do turquoise and red, but I never end up doing exactly as I planned!

  135. michelle h’s avatar

    Lovely!! Thank you so much for the pattern. Our tree is a total mish-mash of ornaments made, purchased, and gifted to us over the years. Each year when we pull out the ornament collection it is such a joy to recall where they all came from and to add more. :) Good times. Lots of great memories.

  136. Linda H.’s avatar

    Does no Christmas tree count? We always had a real tree and homemade ornaments when the kids were still at home. Now that they’re grown, with families of their own, we go to see them… and don’t put up a tree at all. Hoping I still qualify to win. Those Aurifil threads would be wonderful to own. Thanks for the chance!

  137. Stephanie Zito’s avatar

    Your ornament is stunning! I love snowflakes! Our tree theme is gold and mauve! Now that my girls are in school however, it’s kind of getting to be a bit of everything with their handmade ornaments! :) !

  138. Nancy Hambright’s avatar

    I love, love, love Snowflakes and plan to make a dozen of these in different colors for the tree in my Studio. Of course I will use Aurifil Threads to get the best colors! Thank you for the free pattern and the HOP! such fun!

  139. Nancy Hambright’s avatar

    I love, love, love Snowflakes and plan to make a dozen in different colors. They will look great on the tree in my sewing studio. Of course I will use Aurifil Thread to get the best colors. Thank you for the free pattern!

  140. Dianne’s avatar

    I love this little snowflake ornament! This fellow west coaster appreciates being givent the pattern and sincerely hopes that this is the only type of snowflake I see this winter – except for the ones up on the mountians that is!

  141. Bonnie Larson’s avatar

    Love the ornament. Thanks for sharing and for the opportunity on the draw

  142. Maryellen’s avatar

    My tree is a mix of ornaments, on a (preferably) real tree. It has some from when I was a kid, to the ones representing my son’s years, and lots of glittery snowflakes and icicles. It’s fun to see how others decorate theirs, though.

  143. Sarah Norman’s avatar

    I don’t have a colour scheme for my tree, just lots of bright colours and lights!

  144. Kelie’s avatar

    I love your snowflake!
    We try to stick to a color scheme but it never works! It ends up being all different colors with TONS of ornaments!

  145. stacey larson’s avatar

    My husband would love the c-9 lamps but first of all I can’t find them on a strand and second of all they get very very hot. He wanted tinsel last year so i did put some of that on but not my favorite. I love adding special ornaments and hope to add these from the hop. thanks for sharing.

  146. Dee’s avatar

    I am cream, gold, and pink & burgandy. Love the ornaments:)

  147. Maria do Carmo’s avatar

    Já tive bastante colorida…De uns tempos para cá faço cada ano de uma cor,este é verde com vermelhos,bem original acho.Obrigada.

  148. Shirley in Canada’s avatar

    Love this snowflake!! Thank you!

  149. vickeyb’s avatar

    Thanks for the snowflake pattern,its so cool! Our first Christmas tree was a Jade plant we decorated with starwars toys and ribbon….we were short on money and new to the whole holiday thing.Twenty-five years later we’re a little more savvy and now we make ornaments yearly,with our grandkids, and decorate a fake tree. Its looks almost like a quilt when we put all our ornaments on. The snowflake will be a nice addition.

  150. 4dreamsr’s avatar

    My tree is a collection of mostly handmade ornies. Love the snowflake pattern.

  151. Ruth B’s avatar

    Who doesn’t love snowflakes?? Thank you for this adorable pattern….love it.

  152. vonda wise’s avatar

    I love love the patterns,can”t wait to get started.I’m just beginning to do embrodiery,so I really need thread.We have a tree with lots of old ornaments from the past 50 years and love the this snowflake pattern.

  153. Jennifer’s avatar

    I love the idea of themed trees, but I never do because then I wouldn’t be able to display all our old ornaments LOL! Hmmm … maybe I should keep the traditional “little-bit-of-everything” tree for our main tree, and then do a little themed tabletop tree … best of both worlds LOL!

  154. Robin’s avatar

    We don’t put up a tree.

  155. Kristen Crumly’s avatar

    I love your ornament idea!! Thank you for sharing :)

  156. Lisa McGriff’s avatar

    Mine is traditional red and green.
    lisamcgriff at hotmail dot com

  157. Linda’s avatar

    My tree is eclectic and I love it that way! Love the snowflake ornament!

  158. Linda’s avatar

    These would also make such cute coasters.

  159. Kay Mc’s avatar

    My main tree is a collection of old & new ornaments & I have 3 little trees that I decorate in red & white. I love your snowflake ornament.

  160. Janet Frank’s avatar

    My tree is done in red, green and silver. With lots of handmade ornaments & family ones. Love the snow lake!

  161. Kerry’s avatar

    My tree is a little bit of everything. Now I can add your snowflake.

  162. Colleen’s avatar

    We have everything on our tree! mixed up and fun! thanks!

  163. trillium’s avatar

    Our tree is artificial green and most of the ornaments are white and red, because the other colors, even if shiny, don’t show up as well on it because we just have strings of teeny mini lights and no spotlight on it.

    This ornie is going to be the first one that I stitch!

  164. Kristin M’s avatar

    My tree is full of everything. Kid made, hand made and things that caught my eye.

  165. Brenda’s avatar

    Our tree is trimmed with all kinds of ornaments collected over 36 yrs together. Each year I try to add another, with your snowflake I think this will be the perfect addition. Thank you and Aurifil for all the wonderful designs and threads.

  166. Pamela C’s avatar

    Hi! Our tree has everything on it. I kinda group some ornaments with a theme together, like a dog and cat and some madeline that my daughter has. cookies and desserts in another area and then the regular ornaments all over. I also have a collection of snowflakes that I spread all over. :)

  167. Kathy Gordon’s avatar

    I have many, many themed trees. Check out my Kwilty Pleasures blof fun that starts today with 12 days of decking my halls. Come see my themes! Thanks for the cute ornament pattern!

  168. Cindy’s avatar

    Multi colored, memory tree ornaments collected over the years. Cute ornament.

  169. Anda’s avatar

    The snowflake is so elegant! awolk at rogers dot com

  170. Anna Maria Quagliero’s avatar

    Mi piacciono gli ornamenti natalizi, e cerco di ricamarli anch’io, grazie per il tutorial!

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