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Color, Block & Quilt: The Photography

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When it came to photographing Color, Block & Quilt, I wanted to do something more than sticking the quilt on a wall and taking a head-on shot. Not that there’s anything wrong with it — it’s a perfect way to show the quilt exactly as sewn — I just wanted something different.

So I looked outside (and if you’re an instagram follower — @cpatchworks — some of these might look familiar!).

We traveled here and there. And up there. And down there. We packed up the car with quilts, lunch and the camera and headed out.

The kids got in on the action. Holding quilts.

And cameras.

And enjoying the scenery.

The husband helped out too. While he usually had the job of holding the quilts, one time he got to climb on the rocks to take the picture. I *needed* a picture on that rock but was scared to climb out there. Thankfully he likes that kinda thing!

And in the end, we have this. I love it.

The proofs are reviewed and off on their way. I hope to have an updated ship date later in the week!

To pre-order the book and workbook, click here.

4 thoughts on “Color, Block & Quilt: The Photography”

  1. Alison Schmidt says:

    What gorgeous scenery you have near your home! This sounds like a great way to spend the day (I always get a little self-conscious trying to take photos of my quilts out in the world, but I think making a group outing out of it must help!)

    1. emily says:

      I get all sorts of comments when I photograph them around Seattle — not so many when on the side of a mountain.

  2. Hil says:

    Awesome photos! I can’t wait to see the book. Will there be ebooks available of Color, Block & Quilt like there were for your other books?

    1. emily says:

      No, only a dead-tree version. This one is self-published so things are a little different!

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