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Spring 2013 Patterns: The Kids … Pixie Center and Typosaurus

Today’s patterns are all about the kids … two of the best inspirations ever. Appropriate for Mother’s Day.

Years ago, when Pixelville came home, Liam claimed the quilt as his and Maeve started plotting and scheming for a girl version. A place to drive the cars, but amongst flowers and castles, not airports and boy things. Perhaps we shall call it Pixie Center.

She drew the city. Complete with parking lots, overpasses, beaches, umbrellas, curvy roads and a banner welcoming you to Maeve.

She sat down with the beloved Kona color card and picked her colors. Pomegranate, lagoon, citrus, white and of course azalea.

While it took me a while to get it into a pattern release, the end results rocks and she approves. I wonder if she’s expecting a commission on sales? Hmmm…

The roads take you past a castle, a lake with a sailboat, a park with a fountain, houses, shops and of course, parking lots. Perfect for a little girl who dreams about driving around Pixie Center.


And now to the other end of the spectrum. We go from pink castles to roaring dinosaurs in Typosaurus.

If you talk to Liam, you are sure to be fully educated on the topic of dinosaurs. He’s gone from being scared of the scary monsters to being obsessed and memorizing the entire Dinopedia and dressing as a Triceratops for Halloween.

The background is somewhat Groove-like … meant to give the illusion of the layers of the Earth with buried dinosaurs just waiting to be discovered. While the dinosaurs themselves are appliqued letters, with the letters forming their bodies.

Who doesn’t love the awesome spiky Stegosaurus.

Both Pixie Center and Typosaurus are eligible for the Permasale discount.

Next up … Christmas!


2 thoughts on “Spring 2013 Patterns: The Kids … Pixie Center and Typosaurus”

  1. Mary Ann says:

    I love all these new patterns. Which to do first…well after that fabulous circle quilt on the cover of Quilt Remix I have been gathering fabric for!

  2. Will says:

    I adore Typosaurus and Twas the night before Christmas. Beautifully done.

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