’twas the night … now as a pdf!

Perhaps the most asked question this millennium — is there a PDF Version of ’twas the night??!!??

It was in the plans to do it right after I got back from Market in May. But then post-Market insanity took over. And then life insanity took over. And then summer collided with all of that. And then a little more life insanity.

So now, 4 months or so later, there is now (finally) a PDF version of ’twas the night.

Merry Christmas!


  1. leanne’s avatar

    oh my goodness – thanks so much for this pattern – this was my favourite christmas story – I’m off to buy it now !


  2. AnnMarie’s avatar

    My sister just finished her zig zagging and is mailing her top to me today. She is totally in love with it! Thanks!