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introducing: Color Continuum — no. 04 Duochromatic


No. 4 duochromatic strips palettes back to their most basic: pairs of colors. From morality to movies to the printed page, the notion of black and white holds a particular weight in our world and our history, and for a reason: contrasting pairs of color are the most natural, uncomplicated way to express shapes, symbols, and even ideas. The pairs of color in which shapes are cast affect how we interpret them, how they make us feel. Photographers and painters know the power of complementary colors, and from harmony to context, a simple contrast between two carefully-chosen colors can evoke depth, beauty, even tension. Duochromatic takes five modern, geometric designs and sets them each in a pair of colors chosen to complement and show that design in a certain light — and then gives an alternative pair that provides an entirely different mood to the same design.


So many of my quilts rely on the texture that is formed by using tons of different fabrics. These quilts rely on just two colors and not stretching that definition to use 20 different blue and 5 whites. Two fabrics. Just two.


No. 04 duochromatic is available at a special pre-order price through Sunday, June 28, 2015.

No. 01 monochromatic, no. 02 polychromatic, no. 03 emilychromatic and no. 04 duochromatic are available at special pre-order bundle prices through Sunday, June 28, 2015.

No. 04 duochromatic is also available on Amazon. (As of the original posting time, it hasn’t quite worked its way through the Amazon system. It’s there but you can’t order it just yet. It should be working shortly!)


Now for the projects of no. 04 duochromatic

Niveous: I loved the way Bauble from no. 03 emilychromatic came out.


Since this book was about challenging myself with just two colors, I figured Bauble was an excellent place to start. Niveous is what came of that experiment.


I love the simplicity and classic, yet still modern, look this project has.


Crapehanger: This quilt started with the idea of a simplified Groove quilt with a little steampunk thrown in. I’d say that worked well.


The quilting (by Angela Walters) emphasizes the pipes, steam, etc perfectly.

CarolinaPatchworks_CC04_crapehanger - detail - IMG_4856

Dowie: Rain, grey and Seattle. Perfect. Outside the family room window is a street light where for many winter months rain is being blown in every direction (including straight up) and illuminated by that street light. This is that scene but in a quilt. I should keep a tally of how many quilts are cloud and rain inspired. My Seattle is showing.



CarolinaPatchworks_CC04_dowie - back cover - IMG_4911

Gossamer: There’s no deep reasoning to this quilt. Sometimes, like with Dowie, there is. Sometimes I just draw and play with shapes. This is one of those quilts. I was looking for simplicity in the design of these quilts. I wanted simple and clean because that’s what I associate with two-color quilts.


Mackle: For this quilt, I wanted to play with gradients and moving from one color to another.


This quilt sews up really quick… perhaps quicker to sew than to get to lay flat on a coastal beach. This was not an easy picture to take. One day I should do an outtakes post because that would be humorous. This is what 75% of the pictures looked like the day we photographed this book:


Many thanks also go to Angela for quilting all of the quilts and Robert Kaufman for the Kona Cotton used in all of the projects.

One last thought: At the end of my intro post for no. 03 emilychromatic I wrote this:

On to Color Continuum no. 04 … most of which was thought up while on post-surgery painkillers. This should be interesting…

So how did I do? Too crazy? So what’s my excuse for Color Continuum no. 05 which is mostly thought out…

6 thoughts on “introducing: Color Continuum — no. 04 Duochromatic”

  1. Liz says:

    Love all of your quilts! They are gorgeous.!

  2. Nan says:

    Wow, Emily, I love this collection also. I am still trying to decide which of your first 3 to get, and now you are making it harder with an extra option. My favorite in this one is Dowie. Oh, what is a girl to do.

  3. Karen says:

    Absolutely stunning!

  4. Sue says:

    Beautiful! And they’re all in sizes I like to make.

  5. Sean Cier says:

    Nan: that’s an easy problem to solve — get them all!


  6. ÿþS says:

    I will immediately grab your rss as I can’t find your e-mail subscription link or e-newsletter service. Do you have any? Please let me know so that I could subscribe. Thanks.

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