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Ah, Jane, how I’m so incredibly thrilled you are done…

My favorite blocks (though they’re all pretty cool):

And my favorite triangles:

And this one has my favorite fabric too:

And my favorite corners (yes I picked two even though there are only four total):

Super cool scalloped edges:

By the creek (which has *just* enough water in it to have the sweet babbling brook sounds)…

And relaxing in the flat(!!) yard…

The hill… this is why I had to wait until it dried out a bit.  I think it’s steeper than the photo shows.

Why did I have to pick a photo spot so freakin’ far away?  At least when the creek floods there’s no chance of it reaching the house!

Oh, and this picture too. ;-)

My line isn’t high enough for a quilt this big and there is no way I’m carrying a ladder down there.

So that’s my Jane.  I still can’t believe she’s done.  I’ve taken two naps under her and she’s amazingly warm.  Wub.

’cause she’s done…


Just have to sew together the border now… (and charge the battery for the other camera because that picture is horrible).

My first handstitched anything (ok, I did some cross stitch eight bazillion years ago when I was a kid).  I think I might have a new addiction (like I need one… ha!).  I’m still definitely a quilt girl but I love the look of hand stitched somethings in blocks.  I wanted to do some for Liam’s quilt so I kinda had to learn how to do it first. :-)  I need to google some and figure out what the best thread is, perfect my stitches, and draw up some cuteness for his quilt… yay!

Pattern is from here.

Thank you everyone for the comments and compliments.  :-)

1.  It does feel abso-freakin-loutely awesome to have the blocks done.

2.  It took about 9 months overall to make the blocks (I worked on blocks every Friday).  There were a couple breaks sprinkled in there.

3.  I cracked up at the labor of love comment… I think growing two kids was easier!

4.  What am I going to do with it?  Sean says I should put it in the shop with a price tag of $12,000.  Ha!  Yeah, not going to happen.  It’s going to live in my sewing room.  I’ll finally have a quilt for me!  (Seriously, it’s freezing in this room and I have no quilts to use. :( I want to finish it while it’s still cold! ).  I am slightly afraid to use it since it took forever to make and I don’t want to mess it up.

5.  This is my backing.  And phew, I have enough of it. It’s from Maypole as well.

6.  I have no idea what to bind it in.  I don’t want to use the purple that is going in the sashing because if I’m going to do the work for the scalloping, I want it to really stand out!  I don’t like either of the other purples next to the sashing/scallop color.  I don’t think red would pop.  So I’m left with yellow or light green I guess?  Opionions welcome!!

7.  Quilting.  I have no clue.  Please vote!  The options are:

a) a dense meander/stipple.  I do this on almost all my quilts.  I could get it done in 1-2 days and it would look good (from a technical standpoint).  It would also give that cool puckery look since the fabrics were not pre-washed.

b) stitch in the ditch along the sashing.  Kinda boring.  Huge chance for folds in the backing.  But would highlight the blocks some I guess.

c) stitch in the ditch AND special stitching on each block like Jane.  If I were a die-hard hand quilter I would so do this.  But I’m not.  I could do stitching on each block like Jane but on the machine.  That would be a b@*%& on a machine though.  Possible though, just not the most fun and would take FOREVER.

d) have a long-armer do it.  But then I’d have to wait for it and I’d have to let it out of my sight.  Cost issue with this one too.

This pic may be of help (that’s A1 through F-6):

I hate inside pictures.  The sun was hitting the left side and not the right and it’s just all messed up but lookie!  I’m in love. <3

5655 pieces.

Here’s a breakdown of the block counts:

And the first section assembled.  I really want to keep working on this this week but I really should do shop stuff.

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